View Full Version : Duck Report

03-24-2007, 05:00 PM
Fished the Duck River below Normandy Dam this afternoon with my Father-in-law. It was his first time using a fly rod and he did okay for somebody who had never fly fished before. Didn't land any fish, but I saw him get a few good hits. It's fun to share something like this with him. We get along great and I hope he stays with it.

I landed 5 nice rainbows on a black wolly bugger. Once I found the run...it was pretty much every cast either a hit or a fish. I wish I had my camera...one was really nice.

The one thing I will say...the water is really low, so you have to find the pools at the end of runs, but once you do...there are fish in there.

I am so stinkin' jealous of you guys up in the Mountains though. Man I wanted to go this weekend.

Take care up there and good luck.