View Full Version : Winston Vapor

03-27-2007, 08:43 PM
Wondering if anyone has any experience with the W Vapor, in particular the 5WT 9'? I've cast a 7 wt and to me it far exceeded the Sage Fli and the TFO(in FL most flyrods on the racks are 7WT and up). The Vapor handled close in and distance with good accurcay. I've not had the opportunity to cast a 5WT . I have an Orvis western series 9' 5WT and far and fine 7'9" 5WT (both 2 pieces) but am looking for a good 4-5 piece rod for travel/backpacking (without affecting the retirement contributions) that will work for the TN/NC streams as well as the larger streams out west when I do get a chance to get there. I am a Winston fan but it is hard to justify another $695 for a LT5 (I have LT 3WT 7"9" that IMO is perfect for the Smokies but my wife gulps every time I use it).

I'll be at LRO in mid to late April and plan to check them out but wanted to get some thoughts.

03-31-2007, 06:57 AM
The 9' 5 sorta reminds me of a WT w/o the price tag, it has a green feel to it, unlike the Ascent which is faster & stiffer.