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03-31-2007, 05:51 PM
Hello, headed out today to the boone area and not get too far back in the woods like usual since i was by myself. Drove up to the headwater section of the watauga which is wild and hopped in a little after 7. I started out with a rig of an abrams creek searcher nymph and then dropped a smbsh behind it. I immediately missed 3 fish within about 15 minutes which frustrated me. After taking a nice seat and enjoying the sound of the river for a minute, i decided a change of scenery would do me good so i hopped in the truck and headed upstream a little ways. I got in the water and was having much better luck here. It was about 8 and i was hooking nice sized browns out of every likely place. After fishing for about an hour and giving some campers nearby something to look at (it's always nice to not get skunked when someone is watching), i headed to the local fly shop to look around after picking up 13 fish. Picked up a magazine and headed on my way back to a different river in the area. I immediately hooked and landed another nice brown almost as soon as i got in and thought things were looking up. I was having so many problems wading on the slippery rocks and getting tangled up that i was frustrated as much as i have been in a while. For some reason, the rocks on this river were like ice and you couldn't even stand on a flat rock without sliding.

By this time it was about 11 and after landing two fish here i decided i needed another break and maybe a change of scenery, so i headed out to banner elk cafe for some good food. I was looking for lunch but they were still serving breakfast, fine by me, the strawberry pancakes really hit the spot! After filling my bellly, i headed off to a wild stream i have had my eye on for a while now but haven't made it over there to fish. I got in the water using the same set up i had been using all morning and immediately started picking up some small rainbows. These fish were jumping on my fly on every drag free drift it seemed like, however, they were small. After seeing all the fish coming up out of the water upstream of me, i couldn't resist and tied on a dry fly with a smbsh dropper. The dry fly was what i could best call a baetis version of a royal wulff, and it worked great! I was, however, beginning to think that there were nothing but dinks in this stream when a nice rainbow took my dropper and charged upstream. After bringing him to hand, i was excited to land a nice 10" fish. I continued my way upstream, missing a few fish and catching alot of fish, when i came to a nice looking pool. I got down low and cast into the pool and watched my dry go under so i set the hook. The fish came shooting up out of the water in disapproval probably a good foot or so. He then took off upstream, using every bit of energy he had to take line off my reel! It was a great tussle, but luckily (for me at least) i brought this beautiful rianbow to hand. Although he wasn't real big, probably 12", he sure did have some fight in him and had definitely been eating well. This river produced numerous fish and to be honest, i have no clue how many i caught. I like days like this when you can't remember how many you caught because there were so many.

The other highlight of the day occured right after that when i landed an average brookie, probably about 6". This completed my first ever grand slam! Although technically the browns i caught came from a different river, but i'm still counting it since it was in the same day.

It was a very good day. I did catch some very small fish, but the majority of them were very good size and they were definitely willing to take my offerings. The water temp started out at 48 and was up to 52 when i left, but they were very active. I probably ended up with 35 fish or so, most likely more, but who's counting?????? Hope everyone else got to get out and enjoy the outdoors this weekend. Here are some pics.


A little dry fly action

Nice brown caught on abrams creek searcher nymph

Here's the spunky 'bow, not very big, but he packed a punch

The last stream i was on

Another brown that fell victim to the abrams creek nymph

The brookie to finish out my slam!

swipper 74
03-31-2007, 08:12 PM
I am sooo jealous! Previous engagements kept me from joining Mtnman today, but I love the pictures and look forward to a guided trip there soon.