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04-04-2007, 11:32 AM
I took my family this past weekend to a part of the Park I am not 100% familiar with. I had never been to Cosby campground, nor had I fished the waters of Cosby Creek and Big Creek.

We arrived Friday afternoon around 3:00 and immediately set up camp. We had a few friends coming up to stay for the weekend. He arrived somewhere around 5:00. After tending to a few immediate needs we rigged up and headed for the section of water across from Campground office. This was small water. The creek divided into two smaller creeks before rejoining down stream. I wasn't sure what this water held and I didn't do much research either. I just knew we were at 2500 feet elevation and anything was possible. After working a couple of different pockets with a big fat elk hair I caught my first fish. I nice fat little Brookie. My evening of fishing was made right off the bat. Going to be hard to beat a Smoky Mountain Brookie for your first fish. We picked up a couple of small bows while dapping the small pools but never caught another brookie. Marmot was of the idea we needed to hit the bigger section of the creek where you enter the park. So that is what we did. At the pull off there is about a 10 foot wall above the water, so we high sticked from above . It was a blast to fish from birds eye view. I had a nice little bow come up and smack my elk hair. It was cool to get the over head view of watching him come up, hesitate upon inspection then take it with a splash. Not long after landng the fish, dark start to settle in so we headed back for the night.

First fish of the trip.


Cosby Creek


Jay working some skinny water.


The next day we took along a friend of our who likes to spin fish. Marmot had read about stocking that occurs in Cosby. So after spending a couple of hours chasing stockers and looking for pull offs with only foot prints of prior fisherman and chubs to show for our effort we decided to head back up towards the camground and explore the water above it.

We parked at the exit of Campground B, that was closed for the weekend and hiked in. We were expecting to see larger water before it split, but that was not the case. The fishing was more narrow the water seemed even skinnier than before. Not only that but we didn't scare hardly a fish. So we headed back to camp and retooled our game plan.

After lunch it was decided we should drive the "Lizard" over to Big Creek. The Lizard (US 32) is the little brother to the Dragon (US 129). Half the distance but just as curvy. We arrived just around 2:00 and fished for a couple of hours before heading back to cook dinner. I took my wife's niece along with me. They had gone on a 5 mile hiker earlier in the day, with my wife having to carry our 2 1/2 year old, nearly 3 now, 4.5 of the 5 miles. So she decided she needed a nap and Brandy, my niece, decided she wanted to go explore. So I told her to come on. After getting rigged up I turned to her and asked her if she wanted to carry the camera and take pictures as we fished. She said she did and off we went. We fished from the foot bridge up . This was some awesome looking water. I caught a handful of rainbows and browns while missing several more. If found one long run that I knew would produce a nice fish. I must have made 10 drifts before getting a bump. And that is all I got, was a bump. Just a slight hesitation. Then it did it again. So I set the hook, just a tad to late. At the moment I set the hook, I saw the side and the swirl of what would have been about a 12" rainbow. Give or take. That was a heart breaker. I did pick up a couple of smaller bows in the same run, but I was never able to get that fine fellow to chase again.

A little after 4 we called it day. I had to get back and get the Dutch Oven and skillet warmed up for Pot Roast and Cornbread. That night we ate like kings, granted a little later than I had planned. The Cornbread was being stubborn and it neved did set quite right. Came out a little crumbly. Well, more like a lot crumbly. A couple of friends had brought their dutch ovens also. One put together a baked bean dish that could not be beat and the other put together a Peach Cobbler that was so good that it left your mouth watering for more.

That night the winds kicked up and shortly after midnight so did the rain. So the next morning were quick to pack up when the rain stalled and were on the road home. On the way home all I could think about though was how I wanted to see more of Big Creek.

Here are a few snap shots my niece got while I fished.


Taking a seat wondering what fly should I tie on.





04-04-2007, 09:48 PM
Thanks for the post...I'm very intrigued about that stream. I fished it back in February - didn't get a hit, but it sure was pretty. However, I wasn't sure if I was fishing in Cosby Creek itself, or in a feeder stream; my map wasn't too clear about that. It turns out I fished basically the same section that you were fishing - we parked right there in the hiker's parking lot, and just walked to the sound of the stream. Your post rekindled my curiosity, and I found a map online with a bit more detail, and I saw the "split" in the stream you were talking about. I might be up there in a few weeks - hopefully we'll have similar success.

04-04-2007, 10:00 PM
Great post! I, at least just as much as anyone if not more, really love crawling around those small streams like that. The only thing that would make that better would be a really thick canopy overhead! Sounds like y'all had a blast, thought, i may just have to make a trip up there. Looks like a great place and i bet it doesn't get that much pressure either with it being so small.