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04-05-2007, 07:49 PM
Got to the park about 12:30 after rigging 3 rods (Daughter's, wife and mine) for a double nymphing rigs, with the cold weather we are having. I got in the water. Within 10 minutes I had a nice 12" bow to hand. After catching a few my daughter came down in her wades wanting to fish. I got out to get something to drink before I took her.

I had the priviledge of of meeting "Choctow" we had a nice visit.

I got my daughter up to seam I was fishing. This was the firist time fishing a nymph rig. She had a rough time casting it (But don't we all. I told her you don't cast a nymph rig you chunck and duck). She caught a nice 10" bow within 15 minutes. She said she didn't want to fish anymore. So she got out. She like to dry fly fish. And so do I. But I will do what ever it take.
I went up the river and found another really nice seam to fish. I saw signs where I was fishing behind someone elese. About that time I started to see a few small caddis comming off and rising fish. So I started to tie on a dry,
and then my wife came up and she wanted to fish. So I gave her my rod and she started casting to rising fish. I started tying on a dry on her rod and I looked up and she has a very pretty brown on. I finally get the dry tied on and make a few cast. I nice brown slams my fly. My wife was cold and so was my daughter. So we headed back to the cabin.
It sure is nice when everyone in the family catches fish.

04-05-2007, 11:16 PM
congratulations! sounds like a great day!