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Kentucky Kid
04-06-2007, 04:04 PM
I have been going to the Cumberland river over the weekend for the past few weeks and I haven't been fishing the main river. I have been parking at the hatchery and been walking down catch a rainbow drive and have been fishing the feeder creek. I start at the top and wade all the way to the river. The past couple of times I've hooked a total of three fish over 18in. but I have only landed one 18in. brown. I've been using a 5 foot three weight and 4x or 6x tippet. Does anyone have any suggestions about wether I should use stronger line or if I use stronger line would I get less big bites.(my dad uses 3x and he has caught nothing over 15in.)

04-06-2007, 04:13 PM
I personally fish that stretch with a 9 foot 4x leader and will occasionally tie on additional 4x or some 5x tippet material depending on the movement of the water. That section of the river contains a natural trough that has numerous rocks on the edges. It is nothing uncommon to have a lot a line breaks when trout cut across those rocks.

04-07-2007, 10:21 PM
I have fished this section several times. I use a 9 foot 6 wt. and use 3x and 4x tippet. You need to put power on the larger fish with all the trees in the water. The best fishing is from the river to the drain pipe. This section is hard to fish, but holds some larger fish. If the dam holds, try this place in the month of October.