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04-06-2007, 09:19 PM
Came home today from spending the past week camping at Elkmont with the family. The weather was perfect Monday and Tuesday with highs in the 70's.
I only fished an hour on Monday evening in the campground and caught one brown and one small bow. It was so nice that I wet waded. Tuesday morning I got up early while everyone slept in and walked up LR trail aways and fished awhile before breakfast. I had decided that I wanted to concentrate on fishing dries this trip so I left my nymphs in the truck and only carried my lanyard, camera, frog's fanny and a box of dries whenever heading out. No fish that morning so I took my 13 year old son later in the afternoon downstream and worked with him on his casting. A few fish were rising sporadically but not consistantly on any one bug. There were lots of march browns and a few quill gordons but the main course was all the stoneflies about 1 1/2" long flying around and sometimes landing on us. I put on a #10 adams grey stimulator and finally caught a few on it. I think they sometimes just can't pass up a large meal. I had one good brown maybe 16" or so ( they always look larger in the water at a distance) follow the stimulator about 2 ft before I set the hook too quickly and missed him. No more fish on, but several more splashes before we quit at 6pm. That night the wind picked up and the storm blew through with hard rain and lightning and terrible winds. Wednesday was colder and the river was up higher and slightly muddy, Maybe 1 ft of visability. I cast off the bank a few times but only caught a small creek chub.
Thursday morning was very cold and the river had cleared and was returning to normal levels. The hatches had pretty much shut down all of Wed. and Thursday morning but picked up again that afternoon. I grabbed the rods, my son and I headed back downstream to the run we had fished on Tuesday. We didn't see very many bugs and I told him to not expect much action after the cold front and variances in the water temps and levels over the past few days, but it was our last evening before heading home. I had him casting a para. adams up and across and we noticed a few fish splashing upstream about 30 ft. away. He was laying out very nice cast and getting what seemed like perfect drifts but no takers. The fish seemed to turn on and were rising to some sort of emerger with rises upstream every few seconds. I lengthened his leader to about 11 ft. and went down to 6x tippet. We tried several different flies till I finally started seeing a few bugs riding the surface. Blue Quills! I had some small BWOs so I tied one on. I was surprised he was able to turn over a leader that long but it seemed to work. He finally hooked up on a nice 8" brown after switching over to a #16 BWO with sparkle flash ribbing that I had tied up at home last week. He had missed several by trying to set the hook as if it were a Largemouth, so we kept at it and he finally hooked up a couple more times but would give slack in the line and lost 3 more fish that were almost in the net. I had laid my rod down by this time and was just coaching him on playing the fish. He ended up with 3 fish in the net and lost 3 that were definately up to the leader before coming off. It turned out to be the best day and I hadn't even made a single cast. All the casting practice and onstream coaching had paid off. Now He wants to try for bigger fish! Even though the weather had changed so abrubtly, the fish went back to feeding again and we hope to get back on them in a couple of weeks. Heres a couple of picts.from Thursday, We sure enjoyed ourselves, good campfires, food and good fishing. Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Easter! Heres a couple of picts of his fish.



04-07-2007, 08:04 AM
hey troutman.....great post, it looks like God truely blessed you and your family on this trip. There can't be any greater times than watching your own child succeed at any endeavor.......thanks for the pics, it gives us up north something to cling on to.......


Paula Begley
04-07-2007, 10:04 AM
WOW!!! GREAT Pics!!!

I really like the hat, btw! :)

So glad you all had such a wonderful time!


04-07-2007, 01:14 PM
Hey Troutman,

Nice report. Sorry we missed it. We're up in two weeks. Let me know if you guys are up that weekend. I decided since it was going to be a short trip I would forego camping and just stay at Hendrick's. Maybe we'll see you on the river. Can't wait for that first fish of the year. It's been TOOOOO long.


04-07-2007, 10:11 PM
and wonderful report! I can't begin to tell folks how much I enjoy getting to see and hear stories or pictures about folk's adventures in the park!

Great job!


David Knapp
04-07-2007, 10:29 PM
Great report! Congrats to your son on the nice fish... The conditions were probably not the best late in the week and it shows that he was doing a good job to get the fish to eat...