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04-07-2007, 03:34 PM
Wow, well I must say that's a pretty sweet set up! I went last night and ate up oh, about 2 hours of Daniels time trying to purchase a 12 wt rod and matching reel. I grabbed a TFO TICR X 12 wt rod and an Orvis Mach V reel. Then loaded it up with Orvis Tarpon taper 12 wt line backed with 300 yrds of Gel Spun backing! By the way Daniel, on Orvis's web site if you click on any of their reels it will show you how much backing you can load on, whether it be Dacron or Gel Spun! I think it shows 35lb Gel Spun and 60lb Gel Spun and of course regular Dacron in different lbs. Any how, I spent about 30 minutes or so trying to get the hang of throwing (excuse me! LOBBING) around this combo. I must say I did a little better than last night! Even with the wind at about 50 to 60 ft I was still relatively accurate hitting the neighbors trash can, since the hopefully comparitive size. I love watching my neighbors response to my fly fishing endevours! They all think I'm crazy standing out in the cold, looking as if I just woke up in sweat pants and sweat shirt lobbing my fly line through the air hitting a trash can! LOL! Oh, well they'll get over it and there is some partial truth to me being crazy anyhow!

To further my humor I decided to try and diagnose my tailing loop issue on my forward cast with my six wieght rod! This is the funny part! It is, in my opinion, that anyone who can throw a 12 wt followed up by casting a 6 wt has some skill!! It an experiance in it self! A major weight difference in the rod itself not to mention the oversized reel! Either way just trying to find you line in the air after looking a bright yellow oversized line is difficult! It was a joke finally resulting in giving it up. A challange for another day!

Either way I personally wanted to thank Mr. Drake and Mr. Begley for their help in selecting a good rod! You all never cease to amaze me and my family! And another big thanks to the therapist that stood talking to my 5 year old daughter for close to two hours...I began to wonder who was analyzing who! No, in all seriousness she loves coming up there and terrorizing the shop! Can't wait to get her on the water, I think that'll be in the works this next year or two!

My parents and I frequently talk about your shop. My parents of course being business owners for quite some time now know what it takes to keep a business on it's feet..Sink or swim! You all amaze us and It always feels good to come spend money with you all for one simple fact, Good People!! I've heard my mother say it quite a few times and she's probably been to the shop a handfull of times! Which speaks in volume to anyone who knows my mother! Spending money there is almost like a good investment, by spending money we keep your great business, you good folks, great friendship, and tall tails alive with stories of fish TAILS (Tales) spread amongst great friends and adventures that all started there! So maybe that's what Byron meant in his latest fishing report in reference to planning trips and vacations, not sure but a pretty good guess!

Thanks again for all you guys do and as always thanks for the friendship!

P.S. Good job on the thief, I've been meaning to post about it for a while now! Sounds like someone needs to have a talk with the DA! It's a dangerous sad world at times! You just never know anymore, as always stay safe!

Brett Romer

Paula Begley
04-07-2007, 03:55 PM
Wow, Brett! What a super nice post! Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you had to say! We could not do what we do without all of you...and we appreciate you all so much! Really!

We are thrilled that you are happy with your new outfit! Can't wait to see pictures of the catches you make with it!


btw: Last I heard about the other issue was that he would likely get a lawyer and plea it out...oh, well. We shall see.