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04-11-2007, 09:07 AM
Might I say that Monday and Tuesday were two of the best days I have ever had holding a flyrod. Monday I caught 35. I sight fished a #18 Adams and landed numerous fish including a 16in Bow and a 16in Brn. Tuesday I caught 20 in 2hrs. Amazing. All the fish fell into a "perfect slot limit" of 10-12 in and a few were smaller and a serveral were bigger. All were FAT! The 16in brn I caught on a dry actually made the drag on my reel scream. You would have thought I had a bonefish on. But now the story I want to tell....

A couple winters ago, I hit the SoHo w/ a fishing buddie of mine. We picked up some flies. I bought two of these little midge pupa patterns. About a #20, shiny, glass bead. They were called Egen's Rainbow Warriors. We caught a bunch of fish on that fly the next two days. I bought two and only used one, it stayed together, couldnt even tell it was used. Ok fast forward to last May. I was pocket fishing a little stretch of water, I was using a double nymph rig- BH PT on top ERW dropped off. All the fish that day took the ERW. Same fly I used on the SoHo. Numerous fish the past few winters were caught on exactly the same fly...it was my secret (lucky) weapon.
Monday: hit the head waters of a stream that holds GREAT fishing. Fished a double nymph rig- BH PT and ERW...about 50/50 on the count. Then I started w/ the adams. ERW produces again.
Tuesday: Fished a couple pools. Double nymph rig- (guess!) All the fish from the first pool were on the PT. I started fishing the second pool- more fish on the PT. I started to clip the ERW off.
The water was crystal. Most fish were coming of a hard seam next to a deep channal. I made a perfect cast, perfect mend, and beautiful drift. As my flies drifted I noticed a nice sized trout roll to feed. Gee thats about where my nymphs are. Indicator sinks. Calm. Easy on the set, give him line. I knew this was a big fish b/c he didnt freak when hooked and he didnt take to the air. He went into the fast water and bored down on the bottom. Oh my God! Im playin him good, my papaw wouldve been proud. Then...slack line. I know someone heard my scream.
I pulled my line in and the PT is there, fine. But and empty tippet hung from its bend. The full length was there, w/ a curled end. My fly broke off. All those fish that morning on the PT and one on the ERW...a big one on the ERW.
I had the other one. But I clipped off the PT and fished an Adams and took more fish (It was an Adams I tied too!) So the moral and point of the story: That fly had a good run. And what a better way to end it! I wouldve liked a pic of that trout. I was thinkin, its better for him to have a #20 hook in his mouth rather than a #6 wooly bugger. And the lesson is retie your flies after a BUNCH of fish.

If yall have a legacy tale, please tell. RIP ERW.

04-11-2007, 07:07 PM
Most excellent post MTN TRT,

My "legacy" is my son and daughter. I hope they have your passion for Fly Fishing when they are 16! Great job!!