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04-11-2007, 03:42 PM
Come dream with me if you can
Well journey to a rocky land
Where mountains seem to touch the sky
And eagles soar above so high

Come dream with me if you can
In cold mountain steams we will stand
And hear the clear, rushing water flow
As it races toward flatlands below

Come dream with me if you dare
Of melting snow and clean crisp air
Of grand fish living in such a place
Well be there too with Gods good grace

Come dream with me if you dare
Of casts that break through mountain air
And land so gently upon the stream
And of perfect drifts down the waters seam

Come go with me if you will
The take of the fly will provide a thrill
And to fight a battle with the piscine
Will be more glorious than any dream

Come go with me if you will
And net the fish when he is still
We will admire his colors, his simple beauty
And release him so gently as is our duty

Come go with me if we must
Back to the real world of pavement and dust
But keep these moments all locked away
And forever retrieve pictures of the day

Come go with me if we must
And recall this day with painful lust
Of casts and flies and rainbows and browns
Of streams and rocks those wonderful sounds

Come dream again if we might
For its lust that brought us here alright
Lust for beauty and trout and the cast
And memories in time that forever last.

Don Winningham
March 4, 2006

Paula Begley
04-12-2007, 07:18 AM

That was awesome, donwinn! Thanks for sharing.


04-12-2007, 11:33 AM

Thanks for the complement. I want you to know that last weekend I brought two young men in for their first visit to "The Shop", and their first visit to the Park for fishing. While one was buying their license, you noitced and wished him a happy recent birthday. It was a small thing, but quite nice. I notice small things like that, and it is small kind things like that that makes LRO the best fly shop I have ever been in. That is why I refer to it as "The Shop". I continue to be impressed.