View Full Version : Heading over there thursday

04-16-2007, 09:22 PM
Hello all, i am heading up to townsend thursday after a long wait to get over there. It seems like i've been planning this trip for awhile and it took forever to get here. The weather looks pretty good with highs in the upper 60's to low 70's friday and saturday. I am concerned a little bit about the snow melt keeping the water temperatures low, however.

Hopefully on thursday i will get there in time to stop by lro for a bit and then hop in the water for a short while. I'm planning on being there until last light so i can throw some streamers around for those big browns that are coming out at that time.

Friday, my dad and i are heading into abrams creek to fish all day. I'm really looking forward to this and hopefully we will come across one of the major hatches that abrams is noted for. The weather seems pretty ideal for a good hatch, maybe some caddis. I got my fingers crossed for the famed green drake hatch, but heck, i'm not too picky. Probably going to hike back in a ways and see what happens. Hopefully we'll hook into a few. I really would like to get my dad into a mess of them, he seems to struggle just a bit with wild fish, although it seems that no matter what time of year it is, he will catch a fish on a size 6 chernobyl ant (go figure!).

Saturday is really up in the air at this point. I was really planning on doing some backcountry fishing into an undisclosed location, but i guess it all depends on how things go on abrams friday. All i know is i plan to be out on the water all day long.

Sunday morning i'm sure i will be on the water for at least a short while before the relatively short trip (4 hours) back home to nc. Plan on waking up before daylight so that, once again, i can throw some more streamers right at daybreak. Don't really know why i'm so pumped up about doing that, but i figure what the heck, i might as well give it a shot i just might hook into a big brown. I will make sure and post a detailed trip report, complete with lots of pictures, sometime after i get back.

We will be in a silver xterra with catch and release stickers, if you see us stop and say hey, i'll most likely be the one trying to remove my flies from the always fiesty and over abundant "tree fish."