View Full Version : Middle Prong, Little River and tuber alert

04-22-2007, 03:07 PM
Caught a break when moma heard about the Hot Rod show in P-Forge and abandoned her shopping venture. So I got to fish our side of the Park. Stopped in at LRO and picked up the proper flys and dropped $49.00 of some new shades since mine floated down the Clinch a few weeks back.

Drove up past Tremont and stopped in the gravel. H2O temp 49. Turned around and went back to the second bridge. All went preety good for a whicle with two landed but both small bow's, about 4". I noticed a hatch of somthing light colored and tied one on. Nothing. Marched upsteam and nothing. Swithed back to a Quill and immediatley hooked a 25" Hemlock. Brought it to hand and released same. ished hard fo rtwo more hours and began the trek downstream. Found a secluded boulder and decided to try the "dance of the fly". It worked. I ahd six fish strike and one landed, all small. But the cool thing was that I would dance the fly over the water and I could see the Bow's just getting Ticked off at that fly. Once I would drop it on the surface they would inspect and if I moved it around like a buzzing insect they would hit it. I gotta say it was a blast. Anyhow, I ran out of time and split for Maryville. My casting improved a lot. I wish I had worked on it a lot more over the last few weeks/months because the first pool I fished was the "ripe" one. Emergers and slurping trout, but me with bad casts and slack line only got the two.

I really need an experienced fisherman to go with who can look over my many faults and give some much needed advice. The problem is finding time. Next weekend is MerleFest in Wilkesboro, NC. The I hit the road for three weeks but will be home weekends. At least one weekend day has to be given to the yard and Momma. Then one day free. Any Maryville or Park fisherman who would have mercy on a 49 year old novice can reach me on my cell at 865-567-4429. I'm Jim Windon and used ot post under MaryvilleJim until I somehow got revolked and set up the new ID of jdwindon.

Oh yeah, spotted one tube in the water above the "Y" and one in the back of a truck headed there from Kinzel Springs. Looks as if the floaters have returned.

04-22-2007, 06:38 PM
My schedule is a little bit busy this spring but I'll keep you in mind. I always enjoy meeting new people who loves the mountains. I'll keep you in mind.

04-23-2007, 08:15 PM
My bc email is terpfan1979@yahoo.com. Terp for Maryland Terrapins, 1979 for grad year. Let's fish!