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04-22-2007, 03:59 PM

Finally made my way up back to that side of the park this weekend with fishing in mind. My father and i headed out friday morning into cades cove, luckily we were early enough to miss the tourists, clear sailing all the way through. Anyways, we got all our gear on and headed down the river until the exit of the baby horseshoe, fishing our way back up. Not more than a few minutes in the water, i had a strike on my abrams creek nymph but missed it (chalk that one up to not being warmed up yet). Shortly thereafter, however, i landed the first fish of the day. It was a nice 9" bow that put up a pretty good fight. After getting an early lead on my dad, he fought back with a fish of his own, although it was smaller! We continued upstream, getting a strike in about almost every nice run where a good drift was presented. We were each landing a fish every now and then, but nothing too big. We came to a promising looking run up against the left side of the bank that had undercut written all over it. I put myself in a good position and started making casts that almost made me shed a tear it was so nice, but to no avail. I just knew there was something underneat that bank, so before leaving i decided to cast way upstream and let my flies get deep and then swing them. As soon as i did, a fish grabbed hold and immediately leaped in the air. It was no giant fish, a healthy 12", but it sure was fat and healthy. After a nice fight that had me holding my breath for a second or two, i finally brought him to hand with the big fish of the day. Unfortunately, his spirit was unmatched as he managed to slip away before i got a picture, but that's how it goes. We continued for just a short while longer because of my father's knees, they're not the best. I have to admit though, he matched me fish for fish and had me worried for a while that i was going to get outfished. Of course, we didn't leave without at least one of us taking the abrams dip. I looked back at one run because of a loud ruckus to see my dad holding his head up for dear life trying to not get dunked. Comical indeed, but luckily no one was injured. I saved myself that day, but i'm sure i'll make up for it in the future.

A morning view of abrams

One of the nicer fish

My dad's first fish

My dad after his dunking, notice the water line on his shirt

That evening, after dropping him off and picking up a few flies at LRO, i headed back out on my own to Lynn Camp Prong. It was about 5 and not wanting to get too far away, i just hopped up just upstream of the confluence. As soon as i stepped in the water, i noticed a large hatch of what appeared to be light colored caddis, about size 16 coming off and one unsuspecting fish gulping them down. I tied on a size 16 x2 caddis with a smbsh dropper and proceeded upstream. Immediately, it became obvious that these fish weren't letting an easy meal pass them by. In the first ten minutes i was there, i caught two and missed two more. For the next hour as i worked my way upstream, it was truely one of those days anglers dream about. While staying low and giving my knees a good beating, a good cast was rewarded with a fish in about every likely spot. While i only fished until 6:30, i recorded numerous fish (i lost count) and chalked up two flies to the aggresiveness of the fish. I took pictures of 13 different fish and there were a bunch more that i didn't. When i left at 6:30, the hatch was diminishing, although there were still a good number of bugs flying around. It was fantastic and had me itching to come back for more the next day. On a side note, i got a new bamboo rod and got to try it out for the first time. it's a 7' 4wt, although it fishes like a 2wt. One word: Sweet!

Lynn Camp

This fish came clear up out of the water to take my fly

I will post another report about saturday when i get a chance. Hope everyone else got to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend.


04-22-2007, 05:07 PM
great pic's--great post--just got a new cane rod myself--it is a 7'6" 5 wt--made by walter babb--what can I say--I really like my new cane rod--have caught several crappie on green weenies out of my pond here onthe farm---hope to hit the smoky's in May---

04-22-2007, 07:51 PM
I love my new rod and it will probably take up most of my time when the situation allows. At some point i would like to have a longer one for high sticking! It really made catching those small fish a blast though.