View Full Version : a friend in need

04-22-2007, 05:51 PM
got an Email from my friend JL --says he is coming to the Smoky's in May --for a little fishing--his wife sells cosmetics,they're having a convention,JL is coming along---JL lives in New Mexico---fishes the San Juan(I think)---originally from Ky--JL loves all those Western trout streams--here is part of his EWmail---"THEY say the streams of the Smoky's are very technical.Any suggestions on tackle??---I replied---"Bring the rod you like the best,,,stop at LRO for flies...and info...you will be so blown away by the beauty of these streams,that you'll forget what "technical" is--just relax and enjoy--watch the hatch,then try to match,roll cast...etc.