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04-23-2007, 12:15 AM
I came back up to the Smokies from the bayou state, this time solo. After dropping the kids off at my Mom's and taking care of a bunch of errands, I finally got on the road around 11 on Friday night. I know it's nuts, but I'm too wired before a fishing triip to sleep, so I might as well drive. Everything was fine until the sun came up the next morning while I was driving up I-75. I was feeling very tired, and the three cans of expresso were tearing up my insides. I also hate that stretch of road - it always seems to be busy, and when I'm tired, I get a bit nervous in that area. So, I decided to turn off early and head toward Townsend. My goal was Cosby Creek, and while it would have been better if I had stuck with the interstate longer, I was focusing better on the secondary roads.

It was then that I made a horrible mistake - I decided to cut over to Pigeon Forge in making my way to Cosby. I didn't know about the hot rod fest - it took me an hour to get through. So, I didn't get to Cosby til about 11. My nerves were jangled from the traffic and coffee. I started to work the pools just off the nature trail - the same area the girls and I worked last week. I went with a parachute adams and prince nymph dropper - I would soon cut off the dropper. Nearly every pool brought a strike, but my jittery reflexes caused me to miss the first 10 of them. I came to one of the stream crossings, where we had seen a large brookie in a pool just below it, only to find a youth group splashing around there. I worked a short distance upstream from them, and soon brought my first brookie to hand - small but brilliantly colored (sorry - no pics...none of them turned out very well). I caught 8, a few of them around 8 inches. By the time I got back to the crossing, the hikers were gone, and I was able to drop a fly into that fish. I got a few strikes, but couldn't get a solid hookup. I ended up retiring the parachute adams I used...it was getting a bit tattered, and I considered it lucky, as it also survived several hangups in the trees.

I then took TN 32 out to I-40, and went over to North Carolina to try Bunches Creek; I had read that it was one of the original pilot streams in the brookie restoration program. I hiked down to it from the Flat Creek trail; at this point in the stream, it is barely a yard wide, if that. I almost turned around and left, but then I saw a small trout in a little pool. I had to just drop the fly in - no room for even a tiny cast. I got him to strike several times on many different patterns, but I could never get a solid hookup. After a while, he quit rising - I saluted him and gave the win to the fish. I fished a few other pools and almost had one to hand - tiny but colorful fish.

Today, I had a little time to fish before heading out of town to my destination up in Virginia. I tried Thunderhead Prong, but only had one strike. I saw a few fish rising, but they weren't interested in what I threw at them. I then headed back to Cosby, and I caught two more small brookies. What beautiful little jewels they are.

04-23-2007, 11:57 AM
Sounds like a great weekend ijsouth. I feel for you having to drive so far to go trout fishing. I complain about driving from Asheville to cades cove which is about a hour and a half, but that drive you make must be brutal.

04-23-2007, 11:07 PM
Yep, it's horrible to have this addiction, given where I live ;)...however, we have great fishing back home, too...it's just different.

I'm up in Virginia right now....today, caught over 20 brookies in SNP - what a blast.