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04-23-2007, 09:00 PM
I used to wonder about the 'value' of 'after-the-fact' fishing reports, but realized such reports are only after-the-fact to the author, and might be of interest (and possibly helpful) to another FF heading to the Park. Also, there might have been some envy on my part in reading the success stories of other FFs:

4/19 afternoon: on Little Pigeon along Greenbrier Road caught one rainbow (about 6") on #16 EHC and several war-paint shiners (had not caught one of the shiners big enough to be in 'full color' before) - - later (early evening) another small rainbow (same fly) between Park sign and Sugarlands Visitor Center

4/20 afternoon: on West Prong about 2 miles from Y (small parking area to the left on way to Cades Cove) caught 2 rainbows also on #16 EHC, and had several additional strikes and a good-sized trout 'flash' the fly but passed it up

4/21 afternoon: on Middle Prong near end of blacktop / start of gravel road, caught a 'bow about 8" on #16 EHC, and missed more than a few strikes

4/22 morning (around 7:30 am): one last time on the water before heading home, thought it might be too early, but a little downstream of Institute on Middle Prong caught 1 rainbow about 5" (on #14 PA) and another of equal or slightly larger size (but I activated the 'long distance release' trigger on my 'boo rod)

Saw several small trout rise and a couple actually come up out of the water, but never saw any genuine 'free rise' of trout even at times when bugs seemed plentiful. In all, it was another great trip to the Park with enough fish-in-hand, long distance releases, and near misses to make me anxious to get back.

I have a couple pictures I'd like to attach but do not know how to do so, and am not sure I can because at the bottom of this page I am told "you may not post attachments."


"When next you hit the water, may the fish be plentiful, hungry and non-fictional."

Gerry Romer
04-23-2007, 09:41 PM
Thanks for the reports... like to hear more about that 'boo rod when you get a chance. Easiest solution for pics is to open up a photobucket account at photobucket.com then upload your pics to an album. The pics in the album will then have individual URLs you can use when you want to post here. You're basically storing your pics on another server for use as you see fit. I think Paula and Sarah posted the instructions under FAQ's on this website. If it says at the bottom of the page that you may not post pics, etc. that probably just means you're not signed in to this web board as a member, from the computer you're using.

Hope this helps!