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Backwards Evolution
04-23-2007, 09:09 PM
Well Monday was spent during the Mid-Day over in Cosby Creek with my girlfriend seeking a few Brookies. We hadn't ever fished there before. Hiking up stream of the camp ground a ways yielded some tighter casting and smaller water than she was ready for. So we decided the lower section below the forks looked a little easier for her to actually get a fly in the water, so we ventured down there.


There were bugs everywhere... a regular buffet was in the air and on the banks. Little slate colored caddis, small brown stones, gray mayflies, sulphurs and I did see one yellow sallie.

Giving up on all the typical fair we chose to fish ants, and we had several bites while we worked our way along, but couldn't get one actually to stay on. We were enjoying the lightning quick strikes at all the larger pockets. Bites slowed after about 1pm and we decided to switch to a Grouse Tail nymph (same as a pheasant tail, just scaled down and obviously a nice mottled grey, excellent pattern and a it is a great feeling to get a second use out of all those Montana Ruffed's that kept us fed last fall). That turned to be a good choice and we were into bites again. We each had a couple flip off and I finally managed to bring one to hand. Packed the camera for once and got to snap a mug shot of this little guy.


A few more bites and then reality had us hiking back to the parking lot.

Things that limited today's success:

We got there late. The hatches had already happened when we got to the stream... most of the bugs were already basking in the trees.

It was really hot with out any leaf cover! By early afternoon that sun was way too bright.

I think we fished behind a couple of guys (also could be attributed to getting there late :rolleyes: ).

All in all though it was a day well spent.

David Knapp
04-23-2007, 09:41 PM
Beautiful brookie!!! Thanks for sharing...

04-23-2007, 11:15 PM
That tree looks familiar....;). I had a great time in Cosby over the weekend. I'm up in Virginia now, brookie fishing - hope to hit Cosby before I have to head home. It's become my favorite stream (of course, I haven't been trout fishing that long). It is a bit of a jungle, which in a strange way appeals to me.

Every time I've fished there, I've (or we, when I have my girls with me) have been the only fishermen. Lots of hikers and picnics, but not that much fishing pressure. I hope it stays that way - it probably will, as it's a bit isolated, and the chance of a really good sized fish is nonexistant. That's ok with me - those little fish are living jewels.

Backwards Evolution
04-23-2007, 11:35 PM

Like you, today we had it all to ourselves... the park volunteers said some guys had come thru earlier in the morning... but aside from the hikers, it was solitude. And once you were down in that "jungle", you only saw and heard the stream.

I had jumped ahead of her, we were leap frogging each other down the stream... and turned around and the log kind of worked for a quick photo... not bad for a one-hander while soaking a fly!

We like the small stream fishing best... lots of crawling under logs and frequent up-close and intense schooling in Botany and sailing (that would learning your knots by snagging all the stream side vegetation :rolleyes: )

I do enjoy the tailwaters too sometimes, if I can get away mid-week. But even then you can be unexpectantly sharing it with several other fisherman.

When you drop down into the stream bed on the little brooks, you enter a truly isolated world.

Cosby creek is a good little stream. I like all the moss covered rock walls you see... makes you wonder what was up here years ago. And that little cemetery on the hill, I think it is Gunters?? Thats just weird. Its like they chose the steepest bank to put the cemetery on??

Plateau Angler,

Thanks for the appreciation... you still liking the W30? I took my Minolta, but I worry about dropping it, or just splashing it... Plus its bulk, might as well be a full blown SLR. But the girlfriend loves it for the Macro abilities. When the fish aren't co-operating; she will venture off and take some stunning photo's at streams edge.

Let me know what you think about yours... Pros / Cons...

Thank you both for reading.


David Knapp
04-24-2007, 07:30 AM
About the new W30, so far I don't have any complaints really with mine. I will say that from things I've heard, I think a lot of people have been unhappy with it. If you are thinking about picking up a waterproof, I would check some reviews first. A lot of people don't seem to think that the few new options on the W30 are worth the few extra $$$ over the W20. Anyway, as I said, I'm happy with mine so far. Hopefully that will continue! Good luck in your hunt for a new camera, it is great to have one that is waterproof, lots fewer "scary" moments...:rolleyes:

04-26-2007, 10:53 AM
Had a blast the last several days...between fishing the park Saturday and part of Sunday, then going up to Virginia and fishing the Rapidan, I caught over 50 brookies - one up in Virginia was around 9". I just love those pretty fish.

Backwards Evolution
04-26-2007, 08:09 PM

We (my girlfriend and I) were going to head out today and fish the park again, but alas I didn't get enough finished to go.

Try again tomorrow or Saturday.

Rapidan? I have never heard of the stream though I haven't fished much other than TN trout streams. And a 9" brook? Thats an awesome fish... I caught a 10" Brook while fishing in Montana last fall... for Montana thats a minow of a brook though. But you can bet I was pretty happy coming from the east.

I can Highly recomend the Laurel Fork on the other side of the Doe River. Beautiful Brookies up there and some very vividly colored browns also. The browns have much brighter reds on them from this stream. The water is tea colored. Dennis Cove is a good staging camp. Fish the Doe and the Laurel from there. Pretty camping area and off the beaten path. Small campground, so make sure you show up early.

I assume the Rapidan is lower Virginia? Just across the line? I need get an out of state liscence for N.C. and maybe Virginia... Just to find the time to fish enough in TN has been tough over the past few weeks. I usually average 3 days a week on the water. Its been a stretch lately to just get in one. :mad:

Going to have to do something about that.

I'm glad you have been into the brookies. I need to just start taking every Monday and Friday off again to fish!

Keep catching those colorful brookies!



04-26-2007, 08:19 PM
The Rapidan is pretty far up in Virginia; it's headwaters are just below Skyline Drive in SNP...it flows out of the park, eventually joining the Rappahannock upstream of Fredricksburg - in the area where the battles of Chancellorsville and the Wilderness were fought. It's a pretty stream, but the section we fished was a lot like Greenbriar - a real boulder field, and I have the gashes in my legs to prove it.

Also, the Rapidan is strictly a catch and release stream - normally, most streams in SNP are subject to a 9-inch minimum. You can hike down from the drive, or drive up from the lower boundary from the east (although the road up is terrible in spots). It's a good stream, but it does get a fair amount of pressure from what I hear. I caught a lot of 7 and 8 inch fish there - the 9-inch came from another stream a few miles away.