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04-29-2007, 10:14 PM
Byron you the man! At the bottom of today's fishing report you start carrying on how fly-fishing isn't all that expensive and stuff..... My wife will be calling you first thing in the morning and I NEED you to go over all this with her just as smooth as you laid it out before. Heck, you almost convinced me!:biggrin:

Great reading as always and we thank you.

Paula Begley
04-29-2007, 10:20 PM
heh....I read that report and finally figured out why he got me hooked on fly fishing...:eek:

No more explanation needed. :biggrin:


04-30-2007, 09:57 PM
I used to think fly fishing was expensive, but If you didn't fly fish, what else might you be doing on your weekends? consider this:

the average bass fisherman spends how many thousand dollars on a bass boat? then everytime you take it out, think of the gas cost (for the boat, and to pull it there and back). my best friend has a nice bass boat and i go out on it with him a few times a year. he can tell you about the costs of operating and maintaining the boat. in comparison, a few hundred for a nice fly rod starts to look pretty cheap.

Someone also once stated that fly fishing was cheaper than golf. I'm sure it is, but I'm also sure some of you do both, and you may be really in trouble.

another big thing these days is to have a motorcycle and ride around the mountains. fly fishing = still cheaper.

yet another is cycling. road bike = very expensive

you could buy a bunch of tools and do endless renovations to your home. Or, like my old neighbor, you could spend every weekend and thousands building a pond and over landscaping your yard.

If you don't do any of these or a thousand other things, maybe you'll just sit in front of the tube all day long with dorito crumbs on your shirt. that probably costs less than fly fishing.

04-30-2007, 10:31 PM
LOL....seems like no matter what you do, it costs $$$. Fly fishing in and of itself doesn't cost that much...but, if I fish around here, you have to take the boat out, so that's the bass boat angle. I used to play golf all the time, and that costs plenty. The movies are really outrageous. Going to a football game will cost 2 people for a day at least $100, and that's if you go cheap. I guess it's whatever floats ya boat.