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Flying Trout
04-30-2007, 03:50 PM
Sept. 24-Oct. 14 of this year I get a vacation. I teach at a year round school so I get these nice three week breaks. I would like to take about a 4 day trip to fly fish the salt. Any suggestions as to were to go and what would I be fishing for? I might not be able to afford a guide the whole time so some beach/wade time would be nice to have. Thanks for any suggestions.

Flying Trout

04-30-2007, 08:01 PM
Not to sound like the Louisiana tourism board, but that time is a great time to come down here and get some nice reds...IF there's nothing going on in the gulf, storm-wise. The bull reds school up at that time and spawn, at all the major passes heading from the interior bays to the open gulf. The speckled trout action can be a bit flaky; they stop their summer-long orgy of spawning and feeding, and tend to scatter across the larger bays and lakes. The bulls make up for that, though - the water can literally turn bronze in some places. We're talking fish from 20-60lbs.

Flying Trout
05-01-2007, 11:32 PM
Thanks for the suggestion. It does not seem like many other people have a suggestion. That tells me one of two things. LA is the best option or people are keeping whole coasts a secret. I've never been to LA and would love to come down.

How far is the drive from Maryville. What are the major towns that I would look at staying at and do you have any suggestions as far as guides you know.

05-01-2007, 11:53 PM
Well, it's a 9 hour drive for me to get up to Townsend from here, so you're looking at about that...about an hour further into New Orleans - it really isn't bad, and you gain an hour when you cross into Alabama. As far as where to stay - plenty of choices there. If you want to explore New Orleans, it's open again. If you want to stay a little closer to the fishing action, many of the guides have (or had) lodges right on the water; now, a lot of that was wiped out by Katrina, but I know some have rebuilt.

I have only gone out with one guide, and that was as part of a group from my church. Captain Charlie Thomason is his name, and he definitely can put you on fish. Now, our church trips haven't been fly trips, but I just checked his web site and he apparently does take fly anglers out for the reds...here's his web site:


He operates out of Hopedale, in St Bernard Parish, which is due east of the city. His lodge was wiped out by the 30-ft storm surge of Katrina, but I know he was rebuilding; in fact, he might have his new place open.

I know there are other guides out there who are starting to specialize in fly fishing for reds. You might want to check out this web site:


Again, I really can't make much of a recommendation, since I've only been on one guided trip. One thing is for sure - you will catch fish. Louisiana is home to 40% of our country's wetlands, and the vast marshes are fish factories. We produce fish in far greater numbers than our neighboring gulf coast states, because of the superior habitat.

Flying Trout
05-02-2007, 09:09 PM
The rodnreel site is great. It should provide enough information for me. Thanks, I'll let you know how it goes if I come down.

Flying Trout

05-02-2007, 11:18 PM
Glad you got some info. Hope you have a good time down here.