View Full Version : Make Your Voice Heard

David Knapp
04-30-2007, 05:25 PM
This may have been posted alread but even if it has, it is worth reminding people. TWRA is taking suggestions for the 2008 fishing regulations. There was a thread about the Clinch and improvements some people would like to see on this river, and this is one way to make yourself heard. I don't know if it will do any good but maybe if enough of us have some similar suggestions (reasonable ones...), some beneficial changes will be made in some of our fisheries. It definitely won't hurt anything...

Personally (and I know some would disagree), I would like to see a slot limit on the rainbows in the Caney Fork River which I consider my "home" tailwater. It is able to grow large fish rather quickly if people would just leave 'em alone for a little while. I'm sure everyone here can think up at least one good suggestion for fishing regulations in Tennessee and I hope everyone takes just a couple of minutes to do so.

To send in your suggestions, simply email them to twra.comment@state.tn.us (twra.comment@state.tn.us) and put "sport fish comments" in the subject line.