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appalachian angler
05-01-2007, 09:12 AM
Well, very little top bite anyway. I fished the East Prong mainly in the Metcalf bottoms area yesterday (Monday) and was amazed at the vast variety of insects on and around the water. Problem was, with all of the activity, the fish seemed to be put down. Barring any Latin, i will attempt to describe by common names what I saw: Sulphers sz 18 with a yellow wing, Dark caddis sz 18, tan caddis sz 14, blue quills sz 16, dark hendrickson spinners sz 14, Little sallies sz 16, little brown stones sz 18, giant stones the size of humming birds even flew by and I found some fresh shucks that would have fit on a sz 2 streamer hook...maybe. I managed a few nice little browns in the 8-10" range and one small bow on pheasant tailed softhackle, sulpher flymph, and had one brown come up like a rocket and take a yellow sallie dry tied on a sz 16 tiemco 200 hook. Towards the end of the day, I regressed down to the gauge hole and upon getting set up, some surface activity soon commenced. Some one will have to help me on this mayfly because I couldn't I dentify it other than to say it looked like what they called in Pa. a "grey fox". This fly started hatching at 600PM abd continued somewhat sporatically till 800PM. It was Yellow bodied, longer and slender, with legs and tails about the same color, and a light grey wing in a size 10! It's color was not bright but not dull yellow either. It seemed that they did not drift long before they were airborne and came off in the part of the run with a nice gravel bottom. I wonder if they a type of yellow drake?

Alll in all it was a great day to be in the Smokies! I think I had more fun just watching and studying all of the bugs than fishing. The river must have been slammed over the weekend as the fish seemed awfull shy Making for longer casts, and cleaner drifts. I'm sure I forgot to list a few of the insects I saw. I often wonder if the list was narrowed, would the fish be more focus on the prevalent hatch. I did witness some side flashing indicating trout rooting out nymphs. I had some takes on BHPTs but they were light and I failed to make the hooksets. Days like this definately help one to hone their skills!


05-01-2007, 09:56 AM
Sorry to hear about the lack of bites but glad to hear you enjoyed the surroundings and the hatches. We tried fishing in and around the park this past weekend and also saw the numerous hatches. The bite was uneventful as well. Just 2 very small smallmouthes 1 on a yellow adams parachute on a 12 and the other with a yellow drake. Both on the little river 1 in Townsend, the other downstream going out of Townsend. I did see a couple browns sitting on the bottom, but nothing inticed them. Had a great time though!

05-01-2007, 09:57 AM
Thanks for the fishing report. You just never know what kind of day you are going to have on a freestone stream. Just being there and witnessing what the mountains have to offer makes for a great day!


05-01-2007, 12:58 PM
Thanks for tha accurate description of what was going on in your world and still wished I could have made it.

Sometimes I go to the river to fish and end up leaving my rod in the truck. One day in particular, I just sat back out of the way on the bank and watched...and watched. I believe I learned more about insects and trout in that one day than any other. It's a trick I picked up from some old timer doing it while I was fishing. I thought he was stalking me for a minute until he came over and started helping me with my cast. god knows I needed it. Thanks Scott!!