View Full Version : Anyone wearing lumbar/fanny packs please help?

05-05-2007, 09:43 PM
Would like some suggestions and comments on fishing with lumbar/fanny packs.
I'm not interested in anything with straps for the shoulders. My need is to get away from shoulder straps in order to free myself so to speak. Reviews, pros and cons are welcomed, I would like to buy it from LRO so I guess we should limit ourselves to the brands they carry. I reckon they sell, Fishpond, Orvis, Simms and some other odd manufacturers I'm sure.

thanks in advance.

05-05-2007, 10:18 PM
I have used one that is sold under the "Loon" label and it was pretty good. I like the amount of flies and tackle you could pack in it and also the ability to put my wading staff and holster on it's belt for ease in getting on stream and back in the car without any trouble if I needed to move to a better place.

The one thing I didn't like about it was it's lack of durability. The thing is made of a canvas type material that is reinforced with cardboard of some type. The cardboard got wet a time or too and there went any stiffness to the work shelf that held my fly boxes.

I recently purchased another belt pack made by Wm Josephs. It looks to be far better made in design, features and materials. I plan to use it particularly when in the mountains for wet wading. It will allow me to carry my staff as the other pack did, and even has a tippet holder dispenser built into the pack itself. I am not sure if LRO stocks Wm Josephs products but would imagine Fishpond must have something similar and their products seem to be well designed and well made also.

God Bless,

PS: Hans, I sent you a pm after posting this.

05-06-2007, 07:52 AM
Hans, I started using a lanyard a few years ago for my onstream tools but I also wear a fanny pack for the camera, leader wallet, extra fly boxes, lunch and water bottles, and for anything else I may need. I looked around at several different manufactures but at the time they all were pretty much the same. I decided on a Perigrine fanny pack by the Creek Company. It has held up well and holds everything I need. Good strong stitching and heavy duty zippers and easy to access.
I would lay everything out that you want to carry in the pack including water bottles and see what size fits best. Stay away from narrow waist belts. Go with something that has a wide lumbar support belt to prevent it from cutting into your waist when loaded. There are several manufactures out with new and better products that will probably work well.

I just wanted to add that I would take my flyboxes with me when looking. Put them in the pack to make sure they fit and there is extra space for other things. You will want to be able to spin it around in front of you when you need to access the pack. Some of the bulkier packs are difficult to do that with and you end up taking it off which is hard to do and hold onto a flyrod at the same time. You'll eventually end up dropping things in the river.

05-06-2007, 02:05 PM

Thanks for your reply, I am mainly changing my tactics due to becoming a pack rat on my expeditions. I found stuff in my fishing vest that I haven't used in years. It's time to only wear the vest on road side fishing trips. If I am going anywhere involving a trail I am not going to fool with a vest anymore. I appreciate you insight. I am definitely suffering from lower back problems so I need something wide, although I bought a Simms back support belt from Daniel last year and It seem to help some.

Rog 1
05-07-2007, 02:35 PM
I haven't fished in a vest for years...too much of a strain on my neck and shoulders.....when I started with the waist pack there wasn't much of a choice....first started using a true nylon "fanny pack" but it was not really made for fishing....ended up using one from Orvis that can be used as a chest pack or a waist pack.....it has 3 comparments and lots of storage....it does not have a true lumbar belt but has a wide belt that can handle my staff and net.....think it is easier to move around the waist when access is needed.....I have used this when hiking up to 10 miles in a day....

05-07-2007, 06:37 PM
Thanks Rog1

It looks like I'm going to trim down my gear more and more, it is just no sense bringing all the stuff on hike in trips.

I'm definitely not using a vest on long hiking trips anymore.

Tellico Angler
05-11-2007, 09:01 AM
Hey guys! 1 quick question. I have thought about a waist belt for a long time, but I do not like my gear getting wet. I know that staying out of deeper water would solve this, but while guiding, that is not always possible. What do you guys do about gear getting wet. Waterproof bag liner or what? Thanks!

05-11-2007, 09:55 AM
TA, The only thing I worry about getting wet is my dig. camera. My wife bought me a Pelican 1010 Micro case to keep it in. Protects against falls and is waterproof. It is the same size as a med. flybox but just a little thicker. I usually have 2 small flyboxes in my shirtpocket with the flies I expect to use and one waterproof flybox in the waistpack with extras. If I take a spill and all the flies are soaked, I dry them when I get home to prevent rusting. I understand since your guiding everyday and don't have the time to dry out your gear everynight, You may want to look into the Simms waterproof bags and use only flyboxes with seals. A tax deduction for you right?!!
I carry minimal gear for trout and especially mtn. fishing. That is probably hard for you to do when trying to keep your clients supplied with everything onstream. Smallie gear is bigger flyboxes and an extra sinktip spool. I keep all that gear in a Filson chest pack. I usually end up wading in deeper water for them. the waist pack is not an option.

05-14-2007, 10:56 AM
I have simply went with a fishing shirt (like multi pocket columbia, bean, orvis, etc) a small flybox is each pocket, combo clippers/forceps pinched onto a shirt flap. depending on shirt a couple of tippet spools either in smaller shirt pocket or in a small pocket of my fishing shorts. a pin on foam thingy on my ballcap for used/expected to be used flies. small pentax camera in a ziplock in a pocket of my shorts or maybe behind/replace a fly box in a shirt pocket. I clip my net and wading staff to D rings thru my belt loops.

05-16-2007, 08:03 PM
I know you said you didn't want anything over your shoulders, but the Orvis sling pack is so comfortable, you don't know it's there. I have more trouble with heavy weight on my back than on one shoulder. The Orvis sling pack keeps your casting arm free and doesn't feel heavy even when loaded with camera, water, flies, snack, etc. It swings around to your back and keeps everything out of your way. Give a look if you haven't yet.