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05-06-2007, 06:53 PM
hello all, I'm going to Finland next month to fish for grayling among other things. Does anyone here have any experience with grayling? I think the European Grayling is very similar to the Arctic Grayling in habits. I understand that Gold Ribbed Hares Ear and PHT should work but I'm wondering if my trusted Prince Nymph will do? Any info appreciated.

Hugh Hartsell
05-06-2007, 08:40 PM
Hans, the Czech Nymphs have been the hot flies and the Czech Nymphing method have been the popular flies and way to fish for the European Grayling for the last few years. I'm sure that the old standby, Beadhead Prince Nymph or Beadhead Pheasant tail Nymph, presented properly, would catch fish as well as these other flies. Hugging the bottom seems to be the key.
Hugh Hartsell---East Tn.

05-06-2007, 09:14 PM

If I'm not mistaken, the Czech nymphing method came to be in the late eighties early nineties when their team beat all others at the Word Championships in fly fishing. It's funny as a side note that this years competition is in Finland at the same time I'm going to be there. I won't be as far north though. It is held in the southern part of Finnish Lapland around the town of Kemi. I will be about six hours south of there by car.

Anyway, I think your suggestion is worth a try. I was thinking about Klinkhamers also in yellow. I know they got Yellow Mayflies in June and they should have tan or brown caddis/sedges at that time. The latitude is so much more north so the hatches would be about a five weeks later than ours.

05-07-2007, 09:15 AM
I've done a fair amount of grayling fishing, and would offerthe following:

I always have the following along - Mosquito, Elk Hair Caddis, Para Adams, small Royal Wulff. Take an assortment of sizes - while I haven't experienced grayling being TOO picky, they do sometimes show a decided preference for sizes. In nymphs, BH Prince, Hares Ear, ... - the standards. Don't bother with nymphs unless the grayling won't come up. Also, a Wooly Worm is one of the old standards for grayling. Small buggers are great, too. 2 quick grayling stories:

1) Grayling usualy love dry flies, but, because they have a distinct overbite mouth, they need to come up over the top of the dry and take it on the way down. I missed a lot of hits at first because of this strange take - sort of like what a redfish does on a topwater. They also have a tendency to take the dry fly deep because of their over-the-top inhaling take. Fish barbless, and carry a Ketchum release to get the hook out. I went to nymphs after a while just so I could get hooksets in the mouth, rather than the deep takes on dries. One day in particular in the Yukon, BH prince should have been ilegal. Site fishing to shallow grayling - just pick your fish, watch it swim over and inhale your nymph, and set the hook!

2) I had a memorable day (also in the Yukon) with Chernobyl Ants! Not sure why I took them along, but use it as a suggestion - take along some small foam bodied flies. Grayling slime up dry flies pretty badly. You'll spend a lot less time with dessicants and floatant if you have some foam bodied dries along

Most of all - enjoy your trip!!


05-07-2007, 02:28 PM
Thanks Joe, I'm now confident about my old standby the Prince nymph. It's funny how that nymph have saved many a day for me. I think it's believing in a certain fly that helps.