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05-15-2007, 05:07 PM
A belated thanks to Bill, Byron and all in the shop for when I visited with my family several weeks ago. We are from Gadsden, AL and spend several long weekends a year in Townsend, and one of our first stops is always LRO. My son Luke is 7 and his hearing impairment sometimes makes it hard for folks to communicate with him. You guys are always patient in answering his million questions, and this time he made a new friend in Bill. Of all things, Bill used to work at the same hospital my wife worked at in college, and it is actually on the other end of our street. He chatted with my wife and son while I shopped and talked turkey hunting with Byron. A few weeks later, Luke received a package in the mail. Bill had sent him some beautiful feathers from his own personal collection. Luke is already pretty adept at tying a chernobyl ant, and now he is trying his hand at some other "fly-bugs". Thanks Bill, that was a really cool thing to do. You guys are a model of how business should be conducted in my book.