View Full Version : Crusher Pool

05-18-2007, 12:04 PM
My thanks to Bill at the shop. I wasn't having much success on Monday and I told
him I was camping at Elkmont. It great detail he said to 'park here, walk till you see 'this', turn left and look for 'this', do two back flips and start casting'. It was a little bit slow but things took a turn for the better when I tied on a #12 Thunderhead, the cast couldn't have been better (not patting myself on the back ), the drift was perfect, and a gorgeous 10" rainbow devoured my offering.
Beautiful trout!!!

Also, my thanks to Paula for taking time away from planting the flowers out front to actually sit down with me and explaining where to cast in these rivers. She was a tremendous help and her advice worked!! Fishing these streams is way more challenging than fishing the long, flat slow rivers here in Michigan.

Thank you Paula!!