View Full Version : Saturday May 19th, A very beutiful day indeed.

05-20-2007, 09:15 AM
I got out of K-town at 9 am after feeding the 18lb cats who owns my house. I got to LRO at about 10 Am and spent the better part of an hour and a half bothering the staff and boring Byron out of his mind. I finally let him get back to work and I purchased a nice little net release which I'm going to use with my new system for hike in trips. I got hungry and went over to Pizza Hut across the street and had a good lunch. The place was packed with tourists already. It's good to see that someone is having a good business day.

Went up to Troutfest and talked to several vendors and decided it was time to go to Tremont and do some hiking. I ran in to Troutman and several others on the trail. Tremont was packed with people. It was a nice 67 degrees in the air and I went up to the falls and just hung out for a while. I went over to the picnic at 3 pm and realize that I'm two hours early. Oh well, I needed this day to relax so I just sat and read the smokies newspaper and rigged up my leader for tonights battle.

The cookout began at about 4:30 or so and my friend Greg showed up. I had promised to fish with him up along the road. I had a great time at the cookout and I guess my only regret was the fact that I didn't have time to talk as much as I would have liked. I spoke to vern, buckeyetrouter, sammacdonald, dryfly1, tngreg, and the gentleman I first saw in the afternoon with his wife. Darn it if I forgot his name the second time. I'm getting old. I spoke to a few more including budman for a bit. I would really like to thank him for the initiative and thanks LRO staff and DANIEL, PAULA, and BYRON for letting us us this playground as our personal myspace.

Thanks again and I'm putting Greg's and mine fishing report in a different post.