View Full Version : Tremont, Tuesday, High noon till 2 pm

05-23-2007, 07:48 PM
Stopped by LRO and picked up a few flies. I let Paula pick and went above the pavement and pulled off early. No luck at first in the fast water or plunge areas. Finally tired the deep pools after watching from the road for awhile and seeing mucho trout. I have to say these were deep pools with slow water but they produced. I saw many medium sized but the largest I brought to hand was about 6". Total catch over 20. Total seen over 6" too numerous to count. They would just watch as my fly drifted over, or sometimes would rise and get within an inch or two and then eat the bug next to mine.

Anyway, I caught a lot, it was fun & I only got wet up to where I wanted to. The flies were anything yellow. Might go tomorrow. Anyone up to a mid day trip?