View Full Version : A few hours on the Watauga

05-25-2007, 07:31 PM
They were generating a little more on the SoHo today, so I decided to head over to the Watauga. I had just heard in one of the fly shops this week that they had stocked some more brook trout on the Watauga and commented that I had yet to catch one. So, I thought maybe today. A friend of mine had gotten permission to access the river through private property about 1/2 mile above the HWY 19 bridge, there was a really nice riffle area and we spent all our time fishing within sight of the truck. My first 3 fish were a rainbow, a brook, and then a brown. Took care of getting all 3 real quick. I caught about 6 of the brook trout, they are a Northern strain and really weren't much to look at, they were kinda of a dull gray, and had obviously been swimming with their right sides (counter-clockwise?) rubbing against the sides of the races where they were raised. They were all about 6-9". I know that they had originally stocked some fingerlings down low, but I always fish the upper section. I was told that they had put these size fish in recently and that they were really stack up together. I remember reading the report from TWRA that talked about stocking the brook trout, but I don't remember all the details, but they hoped that if these fish could survive, to later stock some larger brook trout. Anyway, I just thought that it was neat to finally get one, after commenting that I had not seen one yet. I don't fish the Watauga very often. We spent most of the day casting to risers, it was fun and easy, but we didn't catch anything much over 12" which is pretty typical for me on the Watauga. I'm ready to head back to the SoHo.
Hugh, just in case you read this I saw your report for Tuesday and I fished the SoHo late that afternoon. I couldn't believe how low it was and later learned that they were working on the wiers.