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05-25-2007, 10:51 PM
(Boring newbie fishing banter in contents...)

First, thanks to Ted and Bill at LRO for setting me up with some good flies for this afternoon. I really appreciate it. I did not get the chance to wander and drool, as I was really in a hurry to hit the water. Next time, I shall browse and hope... (... and quite possibly make my wife mad ...)

Being so new to fly fishing, I wasn't sure what to expect in the park. I started with the recommended attractor and BHPT, and within 2 casts, I was getting strikes. It was really cool. I'm no good at setting the hook, though. I wasn't prepared for how fast those little buggers would hit and run. Once I started concentrating, I did manage to pull in a little baby rainbow. 4"-5"... (I think it was a rainbow. Red stripes...?)

I took my camera, mostly to prove to my wife that I caught a fish, but that little guy got me so excited, that I forgot to snap a picture. Too bad it was the only one I was able to pull in.

Now for the really funny part. I'd bet that I lost about 10+ flies on that river tonight. It seemed as though every other cast was met with some sort of vegetation eating my line. Near the end of my time on the river, I think I had finally gotten the hang of casting without snagging the local shrubbery.

Thanks LRO for the flies and the tips. I'm definitely hitting the river again this weekend.

Edit: Oh yah! I got to experience my first hatch! Very cool to see so many bugs and the fish going a little crazy on top.

-- Joe

05-26-2007, 09:32 AM
Welcome to the club! I bet someone could fill a couple of fly boxes with the flies that have been lost to the vegetation along some of the park streams - I know I've contributed my share!

05-26-2007, 11:04 PM
Hey Joe,

Those "Flies in the Trees" are just contributions to the creek and trout gods! Think nothing of it. It's a right of passage.... Many happy days on the water to you.