View Full Version : My Best Day Yet

05-26-2007, 12:47 PM
Made it to LRO 15 minutes before official opening jsut as Paula was driving in. Naturallyu we were let in but no sign of the yellow foamy things. My bud & I headed all the way up Tremont and parked with the horses and hit the stream there. I caught fish on my first 4 casts. We fished for about an hour there and ran up to the falls. Decided to go lower and fish up again. Same result at the new spot. Fish on my first two casts. We fished for a bit over two hours and my buddy Gibby wrenched his back. So we split for LRO to see if the Foamies had made it in. No dice. Now you might not believe this but here goes. In all I caught 30 fish. Gibby got one.

Mind you, I post my shut outs and my one or two in a whole day. The best I ever did before was five. I can't really believe it myself, but it was 30. Funny thing is, I was not doing anything different that I know of. I did add a few feet to my line, but that was all. Fished with yellow stim's and sallies. If it was yellow, they ate it. Nothing big fish wise, all about the same around 6 inches. But what a blast! Now Gibby is on his back with a heating pad and I'm gonna have to mow the yard. But this is one day I'll never forget. Oh yeah, the fish Gibby caught was his first Smokies trout. He just moved here from Arizona, so the day was not a total loss for him.

05-26-2007, 02:44 PM
Super Congrats!!!! I remember when I turned the corner and boy it felt good. Keep it up!