View Full Version : Little River Sat Evening 5/26/07

05-27-2007, 11:06 AM
I hit the water at exactly 5 pm after wasting Byron's time again. need to stay out of that shop so they can work. Anyway, I set up a nymph rig and caught five small bow's in two hours on a BH Prince. Trevor from this board came by about 7 pm and we fished together until dark. The hatch was nothing like last Saturday. There was some yellow sallies and the sporadic Light Cahill with some Sulphurs sprinkled in. I believe the water temp is getting to the point where this hatches will slow down. I'm guessing Isonychias will appear any day.

I caught four more fish before dark on top. They were taking good the last hour before dark. Trevor did good also. I can't remember but I think he was using an Adams Para.

I had a real nice evening and believe it or not a local shower had come through earlier in the afternoon as I saw wet spots on the black top.

Water temp almost 64 at Long Arm.