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05-27-2007, 10:23 PM
Celebrated my father-in-law's 60th birthday this weekend in Townsend and we had a great time. He's only fly fished once before, but I convinced him to give it another shot in the park.

I've only fished in the park 3 times myself and had nothing to show for it...so I wanted the horsecollar off this time.

We picked up some flies at LRO and went to Tremont.
I left him alone and headed upsteam.

Fished for a little while using a yellow stim. and dropped a BHPT and landed my first in the park. He hit the dry as soon as I put it in the run...it was great. Just a little 6 or 7 inch rainbow, but that didn't matter to me.

Caught back up with the my fishing buddy and didn't know if he would be frustrated or what (I know I had been the first time I fished there) and wouldn't you know it...he landed a little rainbow too. I think I was more excited for him than I was about mine.

Any way...we had a good time and look forward to going back after some rain.

05-27-2007, 10:28 PM
It's fun, isn't it? I caught two little brookies up in Virginia last summer, and that was all it took to get hooked. One way to speed up the learning curve is to either go with a guide or go to a school; it compresses the learning time greatly - there's only so much you can pick up from a book.

05-29-2007, 09:31 AM
Congats Deedub!!!

That first trout in the park is a special one. I still remember mine.

Here's to many more...

05-29-2007, 10:12 AM
congrats on the first one.you will never forget. i agree 100% about the guide. its awsome