View Full Version : Struck Out with Gaintfish

05-29-2007, 10:24 PM
Brought Gaintfish, his sister and his mother to gatlinburg for holiday weekend. Tried to fish the riffls the first day, but Gaintfish became frustrated trying to cast with over hanging trees. So went to one of my favorite pools on Littlr river. Now to be known as the pamper spot. someone was a better man than me and picked it up. nice big long pool with fish rising, I finnaly caught a nice brown of the much coveted yellow foam fly. Then had one of those leader destroying tangles about 5 drifts later. Time to give up. Gaintfish had had it also, this time the fly eating grass was giving him fits. so we started to leave when the water looked like a stripper jump on Percy Priest lake. Trout were flying out of the water, never seen that much action on a freestone stream. Didn't notice any more of a hatch than before. Grabbed Gaintfish's rod (cheap convertable browing felt like I was using a tree trunk) hooked up on two never brought them to hand. Couldn't see the fly, so decided to call it a day. Opps forgot about Momma and little sister. walked up on the wife and noticed the steam coming out of her ears from 100' away. "where have you been? your daughter fell in 15min ago and bugs are all over me. I was going to mention that bugs crawling all of me is a great thing but held my lips. Straight up to the chalet for dry clothes.
Sunday was shopping and put put. Took my 9yr old daughter to the childrens stream in Gatlinburg. She still has a little trouble with a casting a spinning reel exactly where it needs to be. So I would make the cast and hand her the reel. She couldn't set the hook real good so we missed several. I finaly took the rod and set the hook on one. Didn't bring a net, you-all know what came next, reached down and grabbed the line. snap off the bank goes 13" rainbow, black rooster tail and all. she missed a couple more and decided to call it a day. " Well we almost caught one, but I liked last year better when I caught 14. Am I creating a stocker monster? As long as she has fun.
Went up Little River above Elkmont monday.Made Gaintfish take a real fly rod this time. Tried to put Gaintfish on some nice pools. But I think low water was killing us. He needs to work on his stealth a litlle more. struck out completely. The only rises I got was in the riffles But never brought one to hand. On the way back Gaintfish says did you see that? What? That. On the trail abou 2' from where I had just walk was a very large Copper head. It must have been use to hikers because it was very calm. I don't how I missed it. That is the second time in two weeks I have been too close to a Copper Head. Last week in the Abrams one climed up the bank about a foot from me. Snaks don't bother me, but I still give them a wide bearth.
Paula we missed you at the shop, I think you was outside giving lessons. My daughter fell in love with your flyfishing Barbie. We will catch you next time. Gaintfish left his license at the chalet, so your staff did a great job calling and getting his twra # so we could reprint it. You did the same thing for us last year. I now cerry the reprint with mine just in case. Thank you for your great staff.