View Full Version : little river thurday evening.

06-01-2007, 12:39 AM
fished little river this evening. man, I've been fishing more than is healthy lately. I didn't see too much of a hatch this evening, and only managed to catch 2 fish. however, the first one I caught was a bow that I'd estimate somewhere in the 13-15in range. he was very fat, unlike some of those snakey browns I've caught lately, and had a very rich red color to him. he looked like some of the beautiful rainbows I've caught up in pennsylvania. it's unbelievable how strong a trout this size is. I can't imagine catching a 20"er like some of these guys have.

driving around later I caught joe from LRO crawling around on the ground. he said he was stalking a 17" brown. we talked for a brief period, then I left him to his stalking to search out my own elusive brown. I never did find one.