View Full Version : Walland this morning

06-03-2007, 10:25 AM
Well, I took my Smallie trip and had a good morning. Hit LR at 6:35 am and used rapala's. In the first hour I caught 2 Smallie's and 5 redeye. I had never seen one before since I never fished that part of LR. Weird fish. Not much of a fight either. After I keft my last of 3 rapala's in trees, I frantically switched to a yellow jig. It worked okay, but only redeyes the rest of the morning. I caught probably 4 more. As I was getting ready to leave I noticed what appeared to be trout feeding on the surface. I didn't have much time but grabbed the fly rod and made a fool of myself trying to cast to them. It took me ten minutes to start casting rigght again. I guess it was from pitching the rapala's. Anyhow I didn't catch anything on the fly rod and I knew I was already late. So naturally just as I was geting into the car up comes TWRA. I have to get out, open trunk, shuffle through the vest and locate this years license. In trying ot make small talk during this process I finally figured out this guy had no sense of humor and did not want to converse, so I shut up. Now I'm an hour late but, at least I fished and caught fish. I think I like the trout aspect much better & may stick to the Park until it gets too hot. Then maybe drift the Clinch or go back to Walland. Water temp 68 in Walland.