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06-04-2007, 12:26 PM
Sipsey River Sunday...
The sound of line being stripped off of reels as anglers strung up rods.
The heavy and warm air of an early June morning in Alabama.
The sweat collecting in the waders on the way to the river.
A.M. mosquitos buzzing in the ears, nibbling on the neck.
Feeling the temperature change by ten degrees as you approach the river.
Carefully making your way down the embankment, making sure the vines you use for support don't have scales and teeth.
Crunching through the slick, ankle twisting, freestones to the waters edge.
Peering through the mist blanketing the water, fanning at the midges bent on crawling up your nose.
Waders tightening against your legs as you step deep into the river.
The swish of the first false cast of many for the day.
The spray of water droplets from the fly, as it transitions from rearward to forward to land in the four foot wide current line of hatch casings.
The perfect presentation, the prerfect drift, the perfect rings of ripples from the rise.
Repeated many times...but never the same.
And we caught some fish too! as well as the dozen or so other Guy's on the river. A great day had by all.
14 Rainbows for me, 5 in the 10"-12" range. 24 total for the day for my brother and I. I'm sure similar stories could be told for all... Most of them are probably true as well!

This is why we do this.:biggrin: Can't let all you Tennessee boys have ALL the fun.