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06-08-2007, 08:02 PM
Steve Kaufmann's annual guitar camp is going on in Maryville this coming week. It is held at the Chapel at M-ville College and other venues. There will be MANY world class pickers at this event and the public can attend some of the concerts.

Steve is a Maryville resident and this camp draws the best of the best from across the world. I don't have a link and my guitar playing is like my fly fishing - I'm just a wannabee.

But is you appreciate World Class guitar, mostly flat picking, check it out. After the last concert the Chapel at M-ville College will host no more. It will meet the wrecking ball this summer and be replaced by a Civic Center. Time marches on.........Steve and the musicians that will be here all week are mostly World Champion pickers. Much of the week is cash workshops but there are many concerts and jams open to the public. I will attend at least the last event, which has appropriated the name "The Last Waltz" for those of you old enough to recall The Band (and Bob Dylan).

Paula & Byron, maybe y'all could coordinate something next year where the pickers could do a Townsend gig or at least we could ferret out a few "fly" guys that pick too. Just a thought.


Jim - gotta wake early

06-10-2007, 04:49 PM
I know some of the guys who attend Kamp, mostly members of the Flatpick-L guitar discussion group, and I know there are some fly fishers in the group.