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06-10-2007, 10:11 PM
This is not realy Tackle And Gear, But you backcountry experts should be able to help.

Working ultra light backpacking. But, I have to have something to sleep on, at 46yrs old the ground gets real hard. I have a Therma rest prolite, but it is 4" x 21" a little too big for a day pack. I looked on line and the Therma-rest Prolite 3 packs down to 4.1 x 11 inches. And the Prolite 4 pack down to 4.8 x 11 inches. Has anyone used either one of these or do you recomend another product.

Another question I have is bugs in july. I am proably going up to Camsites 23 or 24. last trip I took was two years ago in september and the bugs were not real bad. I have a light weight rei gemie tarp tent (2lbs) I would like to take instead of a regular tent (5 lbs. 6 oz).

David Knapp
06-10-2007, 10:50 PM
I have the Prolite 4 and would highly recommend it. However, just be aware that to get it down to anywhere near the packable size claimed by the company, you need to get the stuff sack designed for it or another that would do the same job... It was originally purchased just for backpacking but I use mine for regular car camping all the time also and it does great. Normally I'll put in a little more air than what it expands to naturally, but that is to be expected with just about any sleeping pad due to personal preference.

About the bugs, I can't be of much help. However, if you know (this can be tricky in the mountains) the weather is going to be good, you might even consider sleeping out. I've done that before and as long as there aren't tons of bugs it isn't bad (bugs don't really bother me though...). Kinda nice to have the sky above you as you're going to sleep...

06-10-2007, 11:04 PM
Plateau Angler
I have the orginal prolite and ended up buying the stuff sack to get it down to size. Gaintfish will get is as a hand me down. Since I have been breaking my foot on a regular basics car camping is all I have been doing for the past 2 years. I have a cot that I put the prolite on top of. But I realy miss Back country camping did it alot in WV as a teenager. As long as I wear the right shoes I have been able to hike up to 8 - 10 miles a day while fishing. Not bad for a fat man with arthritis. Time to take Gaintfish Backcountry again. He will carry more load than me, a teenager that runs 8-10 miles for fun. Yeah he can carry the tent now and maybe the jetboil and food.HA HA.

06-11-2007, 01:12 AM
there is a new sleeping pad on the market, made by outdoor research, called the airmat 7.5. imagine a pool float that you'd buy at walmart for $5. well, that's what this is, but instead of some cheap vinyl, they use a durable material. inflated, its about 3" thick (that's really thick by the way) it packs down to about half the size of any prolite and costs only $40. the reason it packs down so small is because there is no foam in it. its just a blow up mat. I've laid on one and its pretty comfortable. you'll definitely not feel any ground underneath. they also make one that is filled lightly with down, but its $130.