View Full Version : Looking back on our fishing/trip to GSMNP

06-15-2007, 09:21 AM
I have fished the beautiful streams there before. This trip was different. My daughter (she is 20 years old) told me she wanted to flyfish. Before coming down I had her out in the backyard giving her lessons with my 4 wt. rod.

Our first trip out together was a memory to last me until I die. Dad she said, this was a lot easier in the yard. I told her it would be kid. No limbs, bushes, slipping on rocks.....etc. Later on that evening while standing beside her she made a great cast and the yellowstone fly imitation made a great drift. She coaxed a small rainbow into taking her fly.

It was about 5 inches long. She went nuts over her first fly rod catch and the magnificent colors on the bow. While walking back to the truck she told me, "Dad now I know why you go on and on what I am missing setting at the camper and around the swimming pool".

Next day we made the 8 mile round trip to Ramsey Cascades. Now, this is nothing new for her. We have made the trip up to the Chimneys and the 11 mile round hike from Mt. Leconte.

Last evening of fishing, she was struggling to make a decent cast. I put my arms around her and helped her with her motion and when the fly landed, I let her alone. She hauled in a 9 inch brown.

Folks, we have us another fly fishermen to help us spread the word of the great fishing and experiences of the Smoky Mts. I told her on the way home...."Punk, it is time to make memories instead of hanging around the pool discussing past memories"

I must not forget the great help I received at LRO, which is nothing new. Folks down there can make your fishing trip a lot more enjoyable. Special thanks to Bill and Daniel.

06-15-2007, 12:04 PM
Great story. Once you hook that first one its all over.