View Full Version : Already home from this mornings trip

06-16-2007, 10:18 AM
Went to Townsend & arrived at 6:10. Fished the high demand yellow foam things from PA & did okay on small bows. I was not used to the long casts and had problems. Then I REALLY messed up my leader and had to hike up to the car. Decided on a whim not to mess with the fly line after a closer exam, and picked up my spinning rig. Glad I did.

Caught 5 nice bows, one was not a stocker (released), nothing was under 14". So I guess my tax dollars will feed me trout tonight.

Used small rapala's on ultralite wiht 4 lb test. Was a lot of fun. Made it back to Maryville by 9:15, cut the grass and now headed to Knoxpatch to buy 33 lb's of live crawfish. And it ain't for bait! Last mudbug boil of the year since the season is about to close out.

Off to the Park tomorrow morning for solitude.

No tubers as of our 8:35 departure, I guess its too early for them.

Oh yeah, once the sun got on the water the bite turned off and we split after 30 minutes of no fish. Gibby actually caught his second TN trout but it was a stocker as well. He enjoyed it though and this trip he stayed dry with no falls. Maybe its a trend.