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06-22-2007, 11:12 PM
No serious fishing going on, but I've been out a little the last few days. Thursday morning I went to Tremont and caught some small fish on a #14 Tellico. Tried the dry and had a SMBSH behind the Tellico, but all fish were caught on the Tellico. Today I went to Abram's early and was dragging in fish regularly with that same Tellico. Had a SMBSH behind it, but yet again all they wanted was the Tellico. No pictures... I fall in at Abram's way to much to take my camera! Abram's was nice, but the fishing is still a little tougher than you would think. I'm starting to wonder if the old fishing report meter is going to hit the excellent mark this year. No complaints, I'm still catching fish and spending time in the most beautiful place on the planet!!!


06-23-2007, 10:38 AM
Hello Kevin,

Thanks for report, I hope to get back to the Smokies soon, waiting for the streams levels to get up a little so I have an even better excuse to escape the extreme heat and dryness in West TN. Glad to see Abrams is still fishing well, thought it might be getting a little warm with the low water levels.