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06-25-2007, 01:20 PM
Headed down to the Gulf Coast for a few days near Destin Fla and thought I might try fishing either from a pier or out in the surf. Never attempted any kind of Saltwater fishing ever, but I thought I might borrow a friend's 8 wt and see what happens.

Is there any preferred setup? Can you catch anything respectable in the surf? General Fly patterns / colors? Sinking tip?

any info is greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance


08-04-2007, 09:09 AM
We stayed at Jade East hotel when we were down there. Fishing by the hotels is almost impossible due to high people volume. If you go towards the bridge which is to the west you can pull down along side of it and fish below it and the jetty that runs towards the inlet. The hike up the jetty is long and over rocks, but it has given great results to those that go. We fished below the bridge toward the evening on the rising tide and would catch all kinds of different species. It may get a little crowded with a lot of the locals so you may have to get there a little early to get your spot. Some small shrimp patterns, or decievers should do well.
Have a good trip and you might stop at Bass Pro shops and try to pick the brain of the staff to get another tip.
Make sure you post some pics when your back.

08-04-2007, 01:16 PM
Have you not been watching Shark Week on Discovery channel!! Your a brave soul.

Byron Begley
08-10-2007, 11:04 AM
My fly fishing experience in the surf is limited. I have a hard time managing my fly line with the waves. I would find a bay where there are no waves. An 8 or 9 weight would be my rod/reel/line choice. I only use sinking lines when we are trying to catch redfish during cold weather in the tidal creeks. So, 90% of the time or more I use a floating line. I make my own leaders for saltwater. I use 6' of butt section (30-40 pound), 2' of mid section (20-25 pound) and 2' of tippet (12-15 pound). If you have trouble connecting the sections because the the mono or fluoro sizes are not close you can use a perfection loop connection. I can make a blood knot work for the butt to mid but I like a perfection loop for the tippet to mid connection. You can't beat a Clouser Minnow, Bleeding Baitfish, Sand Shrimp or Copperhead. You can see all of those in the fly section of our website. They are all easy to tie. The Puglisi baitfish patterns work great but take a long time to tie and there was a huge learning curve for me when I started tying them. I almost gave up.

Have a great trip. Hope this helps.


08-10-2007, 11:32 AM
All this talk about surf fishing reminds me of a place I used to go to all the time, but haven't in years - the beach at Fourchon, on the way to Grand Isle, Louisiana. There has been all sorts of beach erosion, so it probably isn't what it used to look like, and the barges they anchored about 100 yards offshore to slow the erosion down are probably long gone with the storms of the past few years. I'll have to check it out, though - in the right wind conditions (light, and not out of due south), the water is clear, and this time of year you can really do well on flounder. The best fishing is from shore to the first sandbar anyway, so it isn't very deep. Think I'll take the 9wt down there sometime.