View Full Version : Any warm water fishing?

06-28-2007, 12:54 PM
I've been scouting around for some streams in my part of middle Tenn, to fish for smallmouth, but with the drought it's hard to find enough water to float a fish! Anyone doing any better?


06-28-2007, 01:50 PM
Well, not a whole lot better. We're in the same situation you're in. We are in
bad need of rain, we're about 6 in. defficient for the year according to the
NWS. Anyhow I've been pond fishing every day in Southern VA and having
a lot of fun with the Bream and Shellcrackers. They absolutely turn on about
an hour either side of sunset.
I know the rivers are low and I couldn't get Smallmouth to bite a fly in my
box the other day so I switched to a Beetle spin on ultralight spinning gear
and caught a few.
The other game here now is the Blue Catfish, we have been catching them
for about 3 weekends now pretty good but there again, of course, not flyfishing. We have caught a few 15-20 pounders and a good number of
4-10 pound fish.
I am getting ready to start looking for the White Bass in Kerr Reservoir next
week. Every year they school up and start to feed on the young shad this
time of year. I use shad darts on my 5Wt. rod or either white poppers. I think
they get in such a frenzy though they will hit anything you throw. They are
a lot of fun, put up a good fight. My Dad and I caught 75 in 50 minutes one
July 4th a few years back. They were cutting up the water all around the boat! When it got dark they just quit like flipping a switch.----Bran