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06-30-2007, 01:12 PM
Back from vacation in Orlando with hopes of some big fish tales to share with you. I took the family down last week to a resort in orlando that sits on a large lake. I hoped to be able to kayak around the lake and catch some trophy size largemouths early in the morning before the sun heated up the day. I found that the resort does not allow private boats on the lake due to insurance regulations, so I was limited to casting from the bank and the resort's dock.:frown: I took 2 rods with me, a 5wt and my newer 6wt Sage XP. The first morning out on the dock I was catching alot of small crappie up to about 6" long and 1 big redear gill about 10". I was losing alot of poppers to the lilypads so I headed over to Orlando Outfitters, one of only 2 flyshops in town. They were great and I got some more poppers with weedguards and some info on other lakes to try. The next morning out on the dock I caught a nice 3 pound bass on top but I had left the camera in the room. I got hung again on the pads and in the process of trying to yank it free, I broke the rod!:eek: My fault, should have known better. I thought the 3x tippet would have broke first though. The next morning I rig up the 6wt. and head back to the dock with one of my favorite bass bugs and catch 2 bass, but only about 2 pounds or so. I was casting out along the edges of the pads and on a backcast the rod snaps!:o I couldn't believe it, my 6wt bass rod that has caught several good smallies and even a few small carp has broken just by casting. Evidently it had a weak spot at the first connection of the butt section. Maybe the high humidity makes the graphite more brittle? Anyways, now I have no rods left, and I can see a 5-6pd bass cruising along the edges of the pads. I had to watch him the rest of the week and was only able to get these few shots of 1 bass. Glad to be back home and hopefully my bad luck was left behind! After reading Byron's reports from his Fl. trips, we may need to just stay home from now on.




06-30-2007, 08:09 PM
you broke both your rods!!!! man, that's pretty bad. I hope you have a warranty.

07-02-2007, 08:06 AM
Man that sucks. I'm with you on the FL luck though. My family went to Orlando in April and I had high hopes on the way down but not much luck with finding fishing holes when I got there. I didn't see the shop you mentioned, I went to the Bass Pro there in Orlando and went in the White River shop there. I bought my 3 wt there and had them spool it with Rio.
They forgot to charge me for the line so I went back the next day and had to argue with them to take my money! Evidently it was easier than admitting a mistake, finally they relented and took it. I'm glad you got a couple of bucketmouths though, I haven't fished much the last 5 days, we finally got some rain and it has muddied the water some but I'll hit them this week I

07-02-2007, 10:31 AM
Bran, I found that very few people flyfish the lakes in Orlando because so many are private with no access. The ones that are open are big and are usually tournament fished. The owner at Orlando Outfitters fly shop sat down with me for about 30 min. at his computer trying to find me some lakes close to where I was staying that had public access. The one lake that we found that was public that had boat rentals was closed last week due to the guy who ran the rentals was out sick. My wife asked me if I wanted to just go buy another rod while there but I decided to wait and just spend the rest of the week by the pool and get those rods replaced after we returned.
I also went by BPS at the mall and was dissapointed with their fly shop. They were out of most of there flies and the staff didn't seem to have very much fly fishing knowledge. The same is true here at the Sevierville BPS. I always try to locate the nearest flyshop on vacations, they are a breed apart from the big box stores. Glad your getting rain, wish it would rain all week here, The rivers are low and my garden is suffering........Troutman

07-02-2007, 12:56 PM
I have been meaning to ask you what kind of Kayak you have? I was looking
at a Wilderness Syst. tarpon 120 fishing rig. I've got a camo Old Town Camper 15 canoe and, don't get me wrong, I love it, but something a little more for rougher water and rocks etc.
BTW, there is a guide, CC McCotter, on lake Anna that's very respected in the bass circles in VA. Anyhow he writes the outdoor column for our paper. He was telling last week about a young fellow that he says seems to have the Smallmouth down to a science. Anyhow the kid sent CC a bunch of pictures, documents and such from several years of fishing and he made them into a book which he is publishing now. It's 15.95 plus 5 dollars shipping for a first run autographed copy and his email is as follows:
mailto:mcfish@ns.gemlink.com (mcfish@ns.gemlink.com)
I'm gonna order one and see what the hype is about. I don't know the author but if McCotter says it's phenomenal then I'll trust him.

07-02-2007, 02:26 PM
I have an Aire lynx 2 inflatable. made for WW rafting but is pretty good to float low water tailwaters and rivers. It folds up pretty small and is very stable.
The last 2 picts are on the Holston(tailwater) a couple of weeks ago. Thats me in the picts trying to keep from getting sunburned! We wet waded 58 deg. water and fished streamers all day.


packed in a storage bag.




By the way, I went down to a local creek during my lunch hour today and caught a 12" smallie and 2 gills in about 15 minutes! Its good to be back home!