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07-02-2007, 12:31 PM
Byron, I too have given a lot of cannon fodder to friends over the years by refusing to go on even day hikes without being prepared to spend three days lost and hurt. This comes from military survival training. It only came in handy once when I was helping map a cave in West VA and we had a guy fall off a ledge and compound fracture his ankle. Sent my third guy for help. He got lost trying to get out and it was two days before another group came in and found us. Had I not had the extra rope, thermal blankets, food, antiseptics, etc, the outcome might have been very different for the guy with the ankle issue. As it was they saved his foot but he has always walked with a serious limp since then. But at least he lived.

On a National Guard trip in another past life, I brought along a survival gear after looking at the weather channel (Great Falls, MT in January). When we left Memphis it was pleasant. When we flew from LA to MT two days later the wind chill was 80 below. I outfitted three crew-dogs with thermals, gloves, etc. After that they never complained again!

I might lose some of the video equipt, etc, but the water and other items essential for survival are always coming with me.