View Full Version : buffalo creek?

milligan trout degree
07-08-2007, 01:00 AM
i think i know the answer to this one already, but it cant hurt to ask. as anyone (probably from the northeast tn area) ever fished the small stream that runs along milligan highway towards to elizabethon? im not sure where it comes out at, but i would assume somewhere in the watauga river. it runs right through the milligan college campus. i've seen atleast one person fly fishing on it before on campus (but not a student) and thought it may be someone on here. a few of my friends have caught small bows on nightcrawlers in some of the pools, so i know it has fish, but i didnt know if anyone on here has ever fished it.

sorry for posting this in the smoky mountain streams section. i didnt think much about it when i typed it and it hit me today it was in the wrong place. my bad.