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07-08-2007, 04:46 PM
Hey folks,

This report is late because I left for NYC shortly after my first ever guided float trip. I fish the SoHo on a regular basis. But I have always wanted to see the river on "high" water. So a friend booked a trip for us with a local guide for Thursday, June 28th. We fished the upper river from the wier dam to just below the Hickory tree bridge. We put the boat in before the water came "on" and did a little site fishing while we were waiting. It is truly amazing how many fish you can see and how many large fish are in a small area. When the water started there were sulphurs coming off almost immediately. We tied on sulphur dry flies and were into fish in quick order. One of the first fish I caught I had seen rise to a sulphur and then go back down. I could actually see him holding in water that was 4-5' deep. I got a good drift over him and it was unbelievable to watch a fish come from that depth, instead of the gentle rises that I am use to seeing this fish looked like it came staight up I thought I was going to go notes waiting on him to get to the surface and eat my fly. I honestly don't know how many fish we caught, it wasn't an incredibly large amount, but is was a very good day. I don't know if I will have many opportunities to fish on high water again but it was a very enjoyable experience. We both had a little trouble figuring out when to cast so as not to be in one another's way, but we didn't have any major struggles. I didn't land any large fish, but caught one 15" rainbow that took forever to get to the boat. Earlier in the day I had broke off a 16-18" brown and learned from my mistakes which helped with the rainbow. I have landed plenty of fish that size and better but it is a different experience on high water. I had a chance at a really wide rainbow that came all of the way up to my fly but kept his mouth closed. We had a thunderstorm move in during the afternoon and really put the fish down. We didn't do much after that, but I enjoyed my experience and would love to try it again some day. Sorry the report is late, if you have questions or are considering a trip I would be glad to recommend that you try it.

Randy Ratliff
07-08-2007, 07:06 PM

07-08-2007, 08:20 PM
nice report. I think it'd be really nice to float it sometime. good thing you didn't wade up there today, I did, and it was elbow room only!

07-08-2007, 10:28 PM
Hey Randy,

In answer to your question, I am pastor at First Baptist in Bluff City.
The thing I enjoyed the most about floating the river was just being able to see so much. You see more water. We saw a lot of fish. And the scenery on the upper river is beautiful.


I rarely ever fish on weekends, just because it is so crowded. However, I posted a report last month about 90 minutes on the SoHo and that was on a Saturday from 1:30-3:00 and I practically had the river to myself, so you just never know.