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07-15-2007, 08:44 PM
Hello all, after doing the family thing and hitting the casino for a couple hours saturday morning with my dad, grandpa, and shawn (i only lost $20, pretty happy about that), shawn and i thought we would go on a mini vacation and do some fishing since we were already in the smokies. We had decided earlier to try our hand at straight fork since we had fished there in the winter and thought the water looked great. We were on the water by about 2:00, shawn was rigged up with a light cahill while i had on a large rubber legged prince nymph and a smbsh. The water was a nice temperature, about 61, perfect for wet wading!


We started out and shawn managed a couple quick strikes on the light cahill, although none were brought to hand. While he was getting strikes, i was managing nothing but a couple wet hooks and tangles, but i stuck with it and was soon rewarded with the first fish of the day, a small rainbow that greedily took the large prince, must have been really hungry.


We continued our way upstream and shawn was having problems hooking up with fish. He was getting strikes but for some reason he just couldn't manage to land one. While we were walking upstream, shawn finished fishing a hole and began to walk through it to the next one when he stopped and said he saw a fish that was almost right next to him and he didn't think the fish had seen him. Me, i was enjoying a delicious protein bar at the time and was thinking that A)there is no way this fish didn't see him, and B)i just want to enjoy my snack! Nonetheless, i decided to humor him so i lazily cast within a few feet of shawn into this hole he was standing in while holding my protein bar in one hand and chewing a big piece up in my mouth. As soon as the fly hit the water, my line darted to the side and i set the hook to that fish he was talking about! Between me being startled of the fish that i had just hooked and the fact that my hands were full with food, i fumbled my way through it and landed the fish, a nice little rainbow. That produced a few good laughs as well as one interesting, yet disturbing picture.

This is the fish................

............and this is the critter that caught the fish

I told you, it was a disturbing picture. Anyways, we continued upstream and shawn finally got rid of the skunk smell that had been following him around with a rainbow out of a lovely little run that i found out firsthand was deeper than it looked.


We continued moving our way upstream and found the already skinnier than normal river becoming smaller with every bend in the river. We still were catching fish and getting strikes, but were left wondering what the fishing would be like during normal water conditions.


All in all, it was an absolutely gorgeous river and i can't wait to go back. No large fish were caught, but i could tell that there are a few hogs in some of these holes, we just didn't see them. Hopefully, maybe a return trip during the fall when the water rises some will be in my future. So we rounded out the day with some good fish caught in a beautiful place and we headed back into town to grab some food (by the way, don't let your guard down with a guy who just ate fried corn nuggets) and go to our room. Day one was completed and it was time to get prepared for day two...............


07-15-2007, 09:34 PM

Where is Straight Fork? Looks like a beautiful river.

old tom
07-16-2007, 06:44 AM
Did you fish along the road? Or did you hike in a ways where the stream leaves the road? I keep wanting to hike up off the road, but seems everytime I get ready to try it, a "may be fishing" looking vehicle is parked at the trailhead.

07-16-2007, 01:23 PM
We fished along the road, although it was a section where the river was a good ways away from the road. A hike-in trip will most likely be in order sometime soon so that i can fish the upper sections of the river. We didn't see another soul fishing all day, or all weekend for that matter.


07-16-2007, 05:05 PM
Nice photos!

07-19-2007, 01:49 AM
We just got back from the mountains...we fished Straight Fork Sunday, Monday Evening, and Tuesday Evening...a lot of those pictures looked familiar - we did ok - caught all 3 species, and also saw the stream rise Monday with a pretty good rain. The flows looked great along the road, but above the bridge it started to get a little skinny.