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08-01-2007, 07:53 PM
Hey Byron/Paula,
With the success of the online catalog, what is the possibility of having some of your bigger selling materials included in the catalog. I actually received a material shipment from you yesterday, and I love the service LRO provides. Common items that I need to purchase are hooks, beads, elk/deer hair, thread, capes, saddles, and Whiting 100 packs.


Byron Begley
08-02-2007, 11:07 AM

We've tossed this idea around a lot. And, I don't know what the final answer is but since I am in charge of the fly tying department maybe I can shed some insight.

First, we are not quite finished with the other merchandise categories. We are still working on flies. But, by the end of the year we expect to have just about everything we sell in the catalog except fly tying materials.

The fly tying material department is difficult to manage for several reasons. It is hard for me to keep everything in stock all the time. For instance, yesterday a fine fellow came in the shop and bought $1,400 worth of materials. He was from out of state and is a regular customer. Big fly tying sales occur at our store because people are having a hard time finding stores that carry a good selection. So, someone from another state comes in and finds something that they can't get at home and they buy all we have. Then for one to two weeks, that item is out of stock.

That is not good for internet business. You want to have everything in stock or at least have a quick way to get it.

Our fly tying department has thousands of items. It takes just as much time to order a pack of dubbing and get it on the wall as it takes to do the same with a Winston fly rod. One of our largest fly tying suppliers is Wapsi. To place a large Wapsi order takes me almost a day. When it comes in it takes another day to enter it into the computer and put it out. During the high sales times for fly tying materials during the winter months I do this every week and have the order flown in. As soon as it is out, I start the procedure again.

I guess the simple answer on the surface is to hire someone to do it. I've tried that several times. The whole process is so boring that none of the people I've hired stuck around very long. The training process is time consuming so I just decided to do it myself. I don't get bored because I know what it has done for our business so even though it is not the most fun work in the shop, I don't mind.

We built a large building because we knew that the fly tying department was important to attracting customers and keeping them. Fly tying materials takes up a lot of room. That and the fact that I am very interested in fly tying is the reason we have a shop that has an obvious focus on tying.

I can't say that we won't have fly tying materials on our website and I can't say right now that we will. It will be a very important decision that will be a large commitment on my part.

But, in the meantime, please feel free to call and order materials from us. All of us really appreciate it. And we will try to fill your oders at the highest fullfillment rate possible for us.

Thank you for your interest and support.


08-02-2007, 12:16 PM
Thanks for the quick and honest response. I agree with you totally about how the huge fly tying selection attracts and keeps customers. It is great that I can call your store and order a rod, line, wading boots, and fly tying materials all at one time. I really appreciate all that you, Paula, and the rest of the staff put into LRO. I enjoy doing business with you, and look forward to many more purchases in the future.

By the way, if you decide you want to try hiring somebody to handle the fly tying side of things, I may know someone.


08-02-2007, 07:30 PM
I might have an idea to alleviate some of your problems...It may take some talking with Waspi but I may be able to alleviate the issue! If you are getting most of your merchandise from Waspi then post pics of the merchandise and upon ordering the material ship it direct to the customer! Playing the middle man! I've seen common practice on the WWW with a business using another retailers web page to sell there product! However, after taking a look at waspi's web page it wouldn't be possible as they are still in the dark ages of PAPER! I still enjoy a good catalogue but I'm surprised they don't offer up online purchasing! I'm not sure of how it works, but I'm imagining that you all have the resources to get a better explaination of how it works and how you could be using it, providing Waspi was on top of their internet game. I would imagine that shipping could get expensive but I'm sure there has to be some business discount! I've seen first hand, your studio and have talked with you about this very same thing. The more that I think of it I would be very interested in helping on such a project! If your ever in need of some part time help I'd love to help so keep that in mind! I'd love to have that job! No training neccessary! Department Mgr for 3 yrs over a department that sold lots and lots of little parts....Makes inventory fun! I kidd! Seriously, so there is my online resume! I'm dependable! Daniel can tell you that I make a fantastic sales rep! You all could use some store security as well! Just think Byron, no more chasing folks out the door! Oh, and Paula I'll go to court! See, win win situation! So when do I start?

Seriously though if you all ever need any help I'd love to be an addition to the store! Although, I'm sure any money earned would be "Wisely" spent! LOL....once I've baught one of everthing I'll be ok!