View Full Version : Paddling the lower little river 4 smallies?

08-05-2007, 11:45 PM
Im interested..I have just bought a kayak and will be bringing it up to school here within the next week. May I please get some details on this, right now I thought my only option close to knoxville was a few tailwaters.

08-06-2007, 06:29 PM
If you contact "River John" at the Wildwood bridge he will let you put in there or if not the farmer across the river (Leroy Huff) has a pretty good place but he is hard to find. You can take out at the Alcoa water plant on Sam Houston road next to Pope's green house if they aren't doing to much construction on the plant. If that doesn't work you can take out at the Rockford City Hall behind 4 corners market on Old Knoxville highway but it has steep banks and DEEP water. This stretch of water is very scenic with no houses (that I remember) along the way. There is some deep slack water that you can fish slow and some faster shallow water that would be good for wading. If you go on up you can put in at either the Maryville water plant on hwy 411, the river crossing on River Ford road, the Coulters Bridge, or a number of spots on the Old River road, or even the Mill dam itself. This water is mostly shallow and you will be doing alot more dragging the farther up you go. Hope this helped ya.